Voice of the White House August 26, 2005

“Bush was booed at a Vet’s meeting and there was genuine hostility evident…but of course the media “forgot” to report it. I was not there but a colleague was and he said Bush was livid with rage that anyone had dared to boo him and was heard to ask if somehow military pensions could be terminated! And at home, we have to put up with the manic mouthings of senile and vicious Pat Robertson. A fine soldier he would have made! I have a report that talks about how he ran weeping to his father, a Congressman, when he was on a troopship enroute to Korea and was promptly taken off and sent to a safer place. It’s amazing, looking at the sheep-faced anus, that one can pile shit so high and not have it fall over.

The problem is that Brother Pat does not represent the Christian Right. They are growing more and more disenchanted with Pat and Bush but can do nothing about him because Bush likes him and, in truth, agrees with the idea of offing Chavez.

I have to admit that some of the political planks in the Christian Right’s platform are not unattractive to me personally. They object to a steady diet of filth and sleaze in the flicks and on the boob tube. I personally find much of it disgusting and not even entertaining. Mel Gibson’s Jesus movie was nothing but a homosexual/sadism drama, badly done and in awful taste. I don’t personally approve of censorship but one of the reasons that Hollywood’s summer films are tanking badly at the box office is because a lot of the citizenry are getting fed up with slick, fake and lewd movies and won’t spent $10 a pop to go and take their kids. They won’t even go themselves. Not that I advocate the “Sound of Music” or “Mary Poppins” for one and all but most of the new films outdo each other in ripoffs of what has gone before, tarted up with nipples and foul language. Gas prices are causing spastic colon here.

No one can do anything about it and Bush doesn’t care. He isn’t running again and believe me, he has raked in the loot off the top during his eight years. Like all sleazoids, Bush leaves the mess he personally created for someone else to clear up. “Take the money and run,” is his motto. And remember that they are seriously planning to have a “military action” against Syria in January of 2006. Reason: The Israelis are working with us to secure Syria to permit an oil pipeline to run through conquered Syria from the Kurdish area of northern Iraq, pumping oil to Israel where a pumping station (for US oil tankers) will be set up near Haifa. In this way both of our forward-thinking, liberty-loving democracies will make lots of money, get more oil and get rid of the Syrians whom Sharon hates.”http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a1787.htm

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