The Mossad Merengue of the Dancing Disco Dead

Reflections in a Petri Dish – October 18, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Our feckless, fearful, sold out suit, in the service of an enemy nation, made one of his usual winner statements a couple of days ago. It being the usual witless and watered down palliative of saccharine and shit, I can’t remember it exactly as it was stated but I remember it well enough to transmit the feeling with confidence. Our commander and thief said that he respects the rights of the Occupy Wall Street people to protest against the conditions of the time but they must not demonize the people who work on Wall Street. He didn’t say anything about them ‘demonizing’ themselves, which they have accomplished under their own power by turning themselves into flesh eating creatures who chow down on the lives and resources of those made victims of the system they created and operate in; “to serve, consume and digest”, just as if it were on the side of a patrol car.

No one with any brains can doubt that the system and power of those who have tormented the rest of us for so long is unraveling at the seams. The Iranian plot has become an international joke, with Pakistani intelligence reporting that the Mossad gave the Texas car salesman his paperwork. Heh heh, well will you look at that. Right there in the beginning of the article, the writer also mentions it all coming apart at the seams, except they misspelled it as ‘seems’. How’s that for confirmation of a grammatically challenged nature? Well, that’s not grammatical is it? I’m not an English teacher; you’ll have to come up with the proper name for the offense. I can come up with the proper name for the Iranian offense however. As it concerns the dual nationals, operating in the US and abroad, it amounts to treason. As it concerns their paymasters, it amounts to enemy acts on the part of a nation hostile to American interests. It turns out that the other suspect is a member of MKO, an anti Iranian terror organization. This comes our way via the news organization recently banned in the UK for excessive truth telling, or there was a scheduling conflict with a gay sex channel, meaning they were both vying for the same time slot. No judgment of course is being passed on any of this. You have to give the public what they want.

It’s unfortunate that the banned news channel didn’t have the same graphic allure as the competition. Part of the problem I think was that they were both broadcasting during family viewing time. I think everything could have been arranged to everyone’s satisfaction, by just bumping the more controversial news channel up a few hours; maybe let it follow the new evening hit, “The Dog and Donkey show” with Spanish subtitles. I hope I’m not being politically incorrect. I just realized it is being screened in England, so it more likely has Pakistani subtitles; not that they would watch something like that but you do have to make it available because otherwise there are other legal considerations like a ‘denial of self service rights’. Remember, you are legitimately empowered to do anything in the privacy of your own home and that includes all participating wild life; plants, insects, remote controlled conveyances, designer drugs and whatever can be transferred into the place by means of a leash, a suppository, a brown paper bag or a cardboard box. Political correctness authorities in the UK are presently legislating to make state authorized cross species intercourse a requirement, for all residents from primary school up. You’ll be getting the proper forms in the post shortly and remember, compliance is the law, while non compliance is a crime. Did I mention that war is peace?

The mass media’s ‘all smegma news’ has entered bad sashimi land. If you’re still buying it, you’re in line for the cosmic two by four. It’s a big line so there may be some delay in your being ‘seen to’ (‘roger’ that) by one of our trained representatives. In the meantime you can swallow goldfish, try on that new t-shirt you’ve had your eye on, “I’m with stupid” with the arrow pointing upward, you can take a trip to Disneyland or attend a speech by Herman Cain. It’s not that you lack for enjoyable entertainment and truthful self expression but by all means, don’t forget the t-shirt or the hat with the turd on the brim. Those sold like hotcakes back in the day. Remember, it’s not how little you know or care less about; it’s how loudly you confirm and proclaim it.

Gold star mom Tribe member, Diane Feinstein is doing her part by relentlessly repeating the same thing over and over again, as if those already deeply hypnotized could fall into a greater degree of zombie coma. John McCain is running around the armed forces committee with a strap on, looking for veterans who need his attention. Pretty much everyone in Congress, the Senate and the White House are doing their part, performing as spastic Chinese acrobats and there’s broken crockery everywhere. Let’s not forget the estimable John Kerry who has yet to encounter a shame he cannot endure and willingly perpetuate, as if he were attempting to make some sort of ringing statement for the ages which says, “I am a sold out whore for the enemies of my country. I got shot in the ass for this and my heart is purple from putrification and neglect. Remember me. Remember us all. We are the too rich to count it, bankrupt and squandered souls of the willingly damned”. How’s that for a headstone marker in a national cemetery?

Yes, all the horrific train wreck personalities are doing the Pelosi shuffle down the boulevard of national embarrassment. They are puffed up and preening, they are bristling with eminence and lousy with gravitas. They take you by the elbow and whisper in your ear. This is the sonorous drone of sweet nothings that accounts for that wet dream in Freddy Kruger land. It’s nightmare alley for the marching dead. It’s too bad austerity measures don’t extend to sexual fluids or your chances of survival would be ever so much better. Perhaps you should consider an orgasm suppression ring? This way you can keep imagining you are getting off without actually losing the substance of eternal life.

Nah, that’s just visible talking that wild alchemical shit again. What time does the game come on?

Let’s not forget the neo-cons and the enemy state behind the forces of national destruction. Let’s not forget the talking head icons of our not so slow, creeping demise; the William Kristols and the Charles Krauthammers, the Daniel Pipes and the Michael Savages, the Michael Ledeens and all the mind-rot, oral diarrhea dudes, who keep the furnaces of cynical fabrication going 24 hours a day. That’s one manufacturing base that has not left the room with Elvis. It’s pumping maggots into the bloated corpse of the floater culture that they just pulled out of the Louisiana swamps, allegorically speaking. It’s dying but not dead. It’s been dead for a week. It was never alive. It only looked like it was. It didn’t exist. It now exists everywhere. It’s in your closet, your soup, your hair and your underwear. It’s inert. It’s combustible. It’s fungible and statically corruptible and it’s what’s for dinner. It’s waiting for your guilt fueled penetrations in the dark of your rage filled, alcoholic night. It’s waiting to do it to you on your command if you ask it right. It’s ready to film or be filmed and put the results on disk. It’s ready to mail it to your friends, neighbors and employers, if you complain or resist. It’s the Mossad merengue of the dancing disco dead. That’s what the soundtrack was in The Masque of the Red Death. You’re at the wrong end of that short story, which I am certain you never read.

Well, art imitates life and life certainly imitates art and mostly what’s not life imitates what is not art but possibly I digress. This is a pointless redundancy and screed that few will encounter and that most don’t need. It’s been sitting at the back of the medicine cabinet since Methuselah was a boy, before there was a medicine cabinet, back when they had actual medicine instead of compounds for accelerated mortality. From Monsanto to Merck, they are after your ass, so you better get straight with the controlling authority or run really fast. And that will do it for this early Tuesday afternoon.

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