Letwin A Third Party To Himself And The Actions Of His Own Arms

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For October 16, 2011

Oliver Letwin, who has been dumping government documents in a bin in St. James Park, states in the video interview shown below:

” …..and constituents may feel that I shouldn’t have allowed their papers to be in that bin……”

You have to hand it to these people. When it comes to nuance and spin the Letwins of this world are seriously talented.

Here is a trick that was missed by the defending barristers of the Yorkshire Ripper, for instance,

“Mr Sutcliffe, would you like to make a statement to the court?”
You never know, it might have made a difference.

” Yes sir, I must humbly admit that I shouldn’t have allowed my arm to hit the good lady’s head with a ball-pein hammer.”


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