Voice of the White House August 19, 2005

“The oil situation is rapidly reaching critical mass. Bush’s arrogance and bullying tactics coupled with the disruption of Iraqi production added to the diminishing supply of oil is leading to a catastrophe here. Gas is shooting up at the pumps and although there are vast amounts of oil readily available in the Strategic Reserve, none of this will be released because the Bush people figure they can sell it for money which will help them out when they retire. Couple this with a growing resistance to the U.S. shouted demands to the rest of the world to obey it’s dictums or else, everyone now realizes that we are a paper tiger and cannot just assault Venezuela as we would love to do.

China and Russia are essentially rearming because they are afraid that an irrational Bush, losing power every day, might just launch some kind of an attack on them to divert the rest of the public from their growing, and serious, economic woes. Even the fanatic Republicans are getting nervous at what they elected and many, many members of Congress are beginning to hold private meetings, Republicans especially, to see how to distance themselves from Bush’s suicidal behavior without incurring his Imperial and spiteful wrath. That some kind of a revolt is looming in Congress is beyond a doubt but no one here has any idea of when or how.”

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