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Reflections in a Petri Dish – October 14, 2011

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The thing that amazes me the most… and there are a few things in that category, is the time it has been taking to get to that signal, cardinal moment when you know we have collectively stepped into controlled chaos hyper-space. Controlled chaos hyper-space is a term I use to define a period of time when everything seems to have gone out of control but actually isn’t. It just looks like that. One might argue we are there and that may be true from perceptions directed outward at the multiplicity of hotspot locations where conditions have already arrived at that state within their own circumstance. I am talking about when it becomes ubiquitous and you can’t walk out your door without seeing signs of it. Too be honest and precise, it won’t be happening everywhere with a like intensity and it won’t even be happening everywhere that it can be noticed. Some places will be spared almost any sign of it. However, I doubt that will be the case with most urban locations.

I believe in the sustained operation and influence of mysterious cosmic force in all matters human and otherwise. Believe is too mild a word. In this one instance I must use the word ‘know’. I don’t like to use that word because of the many times it has proven not to be so or incomplete, given following revelation and evidence. In this one regard, evidence and revelation have always erred on the side of ‘know’.

Why has it taken more time for conditions and events to get to critical mass than any of us thought would be the case? I can only attribute it to the watchful awareness of the indefinable that intends for all of us to be given the opportunity to avoid what is inevitable, unless realization and change enter the field, on the part of those acting against the interests of humanity and those enabling and sleeping through the process. It seems unlikely that those consciously acting against the best interests of the rest of us will wake up to the magnitude of their crimes. They seem immune to that and in many cases they are because they rather enjoy what they are about and take pleasure in things that most of us would never consider a matter for satisfaction and enjoyment. You do have to be a legendary dick to treat other human beings as ciphers, lab rats and a food source.

It’s no accident that there are more of us on this planet than there have ever been in any records of the past that we possess. If it has happened before, it was a very long time ago. The reason so many people are here is because they wanted to be. That means this is a very significant time of great promise. The downside is that most people forgot all about any of that as soon as they got here. Part of the multi-pronged effort of the Apocalypse is awakening the human consciousness to the true state of things. Certain things are hidden from the organ of manifest view. Certain things are not. Nature is the visible side of what is hidden. Nature makes the visible statement of the intent of what cannot be seen. Nature exists in two main states; pristine and altered. The presence and power of Nature seems less perceptible- generally- in its altered state, for the moment. That does not mean that intrinsically there is less presence and power. You just can’t as readily see it because it is altered. You can’t see cancer but you can see its effects. Sometimes you can see the essential impetus of corruption. Most of the time you can’t but you can always see the effects. Sometimes you can’t identify it as corruption but that is just a matter of time juxtaposed with degree of intensity.

People lie to themselves for various reasons. Sometimes they do it to separate conscience from the capacity to speak on the error of their actions and direction. Sometimes they do it because of fear. There are a number of reasons and the relative weight or intentional embrace of it are also significant factors. In every case, these lies are generated from some agenda of self interest over any awareness or positive interest in the harmonious well being of surrounding life. We do a lot of things in present time that have become so much a part of us that they look acceptable and correct but they are not. We’ve come so far from what is acceptable and correct that we can’t tell the difference between it and what we have.

In ageless wisdom, what we euphemistically call the devil is associated with the eye. This is an implication that appearances are a lie. This is a critical and inescapable truth that has ramifications of lasting impact. The inability or lack of inclination to look deeper into surface appearances to the force behind and sustaining them makes us victims of what we look at but do not see into. The telling evidence is all around us in a casual observation of the lives taking place around us. Some few of us did not come into our present state of hermetic living by accident. We are there because generally, people do not want to hear what we have to say. It is inconvenient and worrisome by comparison with what people think they want and pursue in opposition to their best interests through the activities of their every day. We’re surrounded by that. This is the reason behind ‘the pushing crowd’, people having no sense of personal space and the pressures of collective impatience.

This somewhat weighty posting is intentional and everything contained in it is part and parcel of the point we hope to make. Things are not what they seem at all, especially when it comes to the observable power that appears to be resident in the hands of the few; those who control the media, the financial world, the world of commerce and transportation, the world of temporal force and legal imperatives, all the trappings and symbols of what acts upon you in your seemingly helpless state. Don’t be deceived. No matter how perverted altered Nature has become, it still contains the potential and force of original Nature and this is true in our infrastructures and institutions just as it is true within the being and consciousness of every living thing. It can be activated at any time. This means that those who seem to be in control of the conditions and events of our lives are always irresistibly vulnerable to the actions of the cosmos upon their Nature. A simple flick of the switch and… who knows what might happen?

At any time, a tremendous fear and confusion can come upon those who presently see themselves as untouchable and massively defended. At any time a chain reaction of awareness can pass through the minds of the masses and cause all sorts of changes and results. It may be hard to get your head around this but it is the means by which our liberation and deliverance will occur. We don’t have to worry about these disturbed and pernicious creatures. They are the ones who need to worry because things are about to shift in ways they never imagined. They’ve been given a great deal of time to amend their behavior. That time is just about up. I don’t know what shape any of this is going to take. I just know what’s possible and I should add… anything is possible. Anything is possible.

Anything can happen anywhere and any time and anything can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. One moment things are the way they are and the next moment they are significantly changed. The final statement concerning any of this is, “We shall see”; in every sense of the term.

It’s a very simple thing; what we could be doing and should have been doing in the interim; what are we pursing and what are we seeking to connect with? That holds our destiny and fate accordingly. We are going to connect with what we seek in one fashion or another, depending on whether we were after the source of our greatest benefit or some whimsical alternative. It’s not my place and it probably isn’t anyone else’s place, to define what that source is. The good and bad news is that it will define itself appropriately in every case according to what is required for every case.

Nothing I’ve said here is as supernatural as it may appear to some. You can look at everything here in terms of physics and any number of modalities, if you think about it, and metaphysics is simply an expansion on physics, where latitude is given to manners of investigation and analysis that more empirical perspectives deny, for reasons I will leave to your own insight and imagination. Anyway, we shall see. That’s as much as I have to say at the moment.

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