‘He’s no mastermind’: Friends describe ‘lazy Jack’ the Iranian car dealer at centre of Washington ambassador bomb plot

Daily Mail – October 12, 2011

■’Bomber’ was a used car dealer

■ ‘Plotters’ estranged wife denies charges

■ Friends ‘shocked’ to discover his involvement – described as ‘lazy’

■ Neighbours often heard ‘plotter’ talking on mobile late at night

■ Ranking Iranian officials ‘approved’ restaurant bomb attack

■ Iranians offered $1.5m to fake Mexican cartel for bomb plot

■ One plotter still ‘at large’

A friend of a former Texas used car dealer accused of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in the United States says he never thought of his one-time business partner as politically motivated, much less a key player in a potential terrorist act.

Manssor Arbabsiar was known as ‘Jack’ to his friends because his name was too hard to pronounce, said David Tomscha, who briefly owned a used car lot with him in the Texas Gulf Coast city of Corpus Christi. Tomscha said his friend was likable, albeit a bit lazy.

The news came in the wake of shocking details of the planned restaurant bomb plot.

In yesterday’s dramatic press conference, Eric Holder spoke of how elements of the Iranian government financed and aided the plot to murder ambassador Adel al-Jubeir – offering a bounty of $1.5 million to the plotters.

Manssor Arbabsiar, a 56-year-old U.S. citizen who also holds an Iranian passport, was charged along with Gholam Shakuri, whom authorities said was a member of the Iranian regime’s hard core ‘Quds Force’.

‘He’s no mastermind,’ Tomscha told The Associated Press on today.

‘I can’t imagine him thinking up a plan like that.

‘I mean, he didn’t seem all that political. He was more of a businessman.’

Arbabsiar’s wife, Martha Guerrero, last night said that he was wrongly accused.

‘I may not be living with him being separated, but I cannot for the life of me think that he would be capable of doing that,’ she told local station KVUE.

‘He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m sure of that.’

Tomscha, 60, said their partnership in the 1990s ended after about six months when Arbabsiar stopped making his share of the payments for their lot, but they remained friends.

Arbabsiar never talked about traveling to Mexico, Tomscha said.

Arbabsiar came to the U.S. to attend what was then known as Texas A & I University in Kingsville, Tomscha said. Then Arbabsiar opened a used car lot with a couple of college friends and eventually owned several in the Corpus Christi area, and he seemed to get first choice on the repossessed cars at the auto auction in town, Tomscha said.

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Far more interesting than the official account are some of the reader’s comments, a selection of which we’ve included below. In short people just aren’t buying the official version of events. In fact many are openly joking about it.

So what will the authorities do if people won’t buy these lies? They’ll tell even bigger lies and if that doesn’t work they’ll stage another false flag.

We’ve saved some of the comments, as there’s no telling whether covert operatives or even the Mail itself will remove them. Nonetheless, it is heartening to see this growing cynicism in the face of repeated official lies. Ed.



– Edward, Manhattan USA, 12/10/2011 1:05

This sure looks like a False Flag to try to distract from real issues (particularly Eric Holder’s cover-up of the ATF’s Gun Running Operation aka “Operation Fast and Furious,”) and/or to further demonize Iran in order to try to get a war started. For anyone who doesn’t know, the term “False-flag Operations” comes from a ship staging attacks while flying the flag of another country, in order to create a backlash against that country. Also, this article makes no mention of Eric Holders involvement with the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” operation which shipped tens of thousands of guns to Mexican Drug Gangs, after which the government planned to call for “gun sales restrictions” following the wave of gun violence that would inevitably result. All in order to dismantle our 2nd Amendment rights. “Fast and Furious” was an obvious False Flag to usher in tyranny (the latest in a long line of many I’m afraid.) The “Underwear Bomber” case is another False Flag to rid us of 4th Amendment Right

– Jen, Florida, USA, 11/10/2011 23:51

So, the Iranian government met with a Mexican drug dealer , who just happened to an undercover agent !.Just how naive does Obama / Clinton think the people of the world are ?.

– Angel Eyes, Costa Blanca, 12/10/2011 8:14

Your comments: How to start a “just war”: The most emotionally moving testimony on October 10, 1990 in the US Congress came from a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, known only by her first name of Nayirah. Sobbing, she described what she had seen with her own eyes in a hospital in Kuwait City. Her written testimony was passed out in a media kit prepared by Citizens for a Free Kuwait. Nayirah said. “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” What Congressman Lantos had failed to reveal that Nayirah was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father, in fact, was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US. The Caucus also failed to reveal that H&K vice-president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah in what even the Kuwaitis’ own investigators later confirmed was false testimony.

– pablo, Los Angeles, California, 12/10/2011 4:02

“what can we do to start a war and so bomb Iran- oh I know…..”

– Ordell Robbie, Compton, 12/10/2011 13:17

Can you say patsy? Yet another US false flag operation. So blatant.

DA, Earth, 12/10/2011 15:23

as jack palance said to the farmer “Pick the gun up”

– jeremy kyle, chav toweres,essex, 12/10/2011 16:32

Maybe if they didn’t put so much fluoride in the water people wouldn’t believe this sort of rubbish.

– Sam, Edinburgh, 12/10/2011 16:32

So where are the supposed WMD’s in Iraq?

– Shaffa, Midlands, 12/10/2011 16:18

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