Voice of the White House August 15, 2005

“There is a great flap in the Rove quarter here inside the Monkey Palace. While the Imperial President is taking a long vacation from his serious duties in Texas, Rove and his evil dwarves are doing their very best to trash Cindy Sheehan , the mother who lost a son in Iraq and whom the thoroughly arrogant and stupid President will not talk to. The ongoing plan is to get Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Couilter and Drudge and his pin headed friends to trash her. Rove calls this the “Grass-Roots Response” task force and orders have been issued to the Friends in the Media to go ahead. Faked interviews with obscure White House staffers disguised as grieving parents of the recently killed in Iraq have been going on in the basement for a week now and I happened to blunder into one. If it wasn’t so sick, it would be funny. This is just like something out of ‘Wag the Dog’ but in the case of Rove, it would be ‘Grease the Pig.’ Then these faked sound bites are sent off to paid media employees at the various networks: CNN, FOX, NBC and others to be played on prime time as “growing public outrage” at the “lies and self-seeking” efforts on the part of Ms. Sheehan and a “gang of left-wing Bush haters” and “anti-military left-wingers.”

I have seen one of the scripts that O’Reilly is supposed to read, and will read, believe me, and it reads like something Dr. Goebbels would have trouble with it’s so fake. Rumor around here has it (Bush is not here but his any friends are) is that he was ranting around his very bad taste “ranch house” that he wanted “that goddam bitch” arrested but since the media is now involved, the sight of Secret Service goons dragging off a Gold Star mother in front of the cameras is too much for anyone else (but Bush and Rove) to take. The Rove people, via the FBI, have been dredging the files looking for something…anything…bad to use against her. The slobbering Drudge would be given reports of jay walking, overdue library books, bad school grades or whatever these perverts can dig up. Well, to those of you fools who voted for him, George W. Bush is your man, not ours and you are stuck with him. You can wear the little flags or the crosses in your lapel but you still stink and shine like a dead mackerel in the moonlight.”

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