Push and Shove Dancing in the Public Square

Visible Origami – October 11, 2011

May your noses always be cold and wet…….

They came out of nowhere, at least from what I was able to see. I had been wondering where they were. Now they are everywhere. I had developed a bad habit of accepting most of what I read posted at various alternative news gathering sites that I visited. I told myself this was the other side of the story. In recent months I have begun to doubt what I was reading a good deal of the time. In recent days I have begun to see the particular shadings that are put on various perspectives. It’s possible this is all a matter of perspective. It’s possible there is some element of agenda too. I don’t know what to think sometimes. It makes me tired to try to get deeper insight from so many conflicting reports.

I saw an appeal yesterday from some organization that wanted donations for some group in a particular city. They wanted the donations for food, sleeping bags and sundry items. Then I noticed they were also asking for donations for fleece lined sweaters and pants. Who goes to a protest setting without pants? The original appeal was for 5,000 dollars. Then they upped it to 6,500 dollars. The reason wasn’t very clear and neither am I, when considering it. I have this little bell tone in my head that starts to go off when I am reading something. It tells me whether I am reading the truth or not. It doesn’t tell me what the truth is or how much or how little of it is present. It just goes off and I note it.

I see all of these people gathering everywhere; all over the planet. I know the difficulties they are facing, depending on their age and present situation. I know there is no way that the forces which caused the problems are of a mind to correct them. There will be no correction of the situation until those corrections are forced upon the people causing them. So, I am waiting for that pending occurrence, that spark of tinder in the optimum state for combustion; that Fort Sumter moment. It’s just a matter of time and the right circumstance.

Tens of thousands of people are camped out all over the place. They are in it for the long haul. Some of them are getting permission to hang around for months. They are marching and they are chanting. They are brandishing signs and sending Fox News packing. They are making statements and presenting demands. The hacks and whores who serve the money men are making negative commentary and the media is slandering and scorning and acting like the fools they most certainly are. At the same time, the conditions set in motion by the bankers are getting worse and worse. They tried to take too much when they already had too much and they are presently thinking about how they can get even more, one way or another. I’ve tried to get my head around what all of this means and how it might play out and I don’t see how there is any way around the pitchforks and torches at the gates of the vampire’s castle.

I’m not suggesting or defending this pass. It’s just what I see. What I see is an intensifying of the demonstration with an intensifying of the containment, with some unpredictable series of reactions once bad things happen in the process of the stand off. We’ve never seen anything like these things that didn’t result in violence at some point, whether it was Kent State or the final result of the efforts of Martin Luther King.

These bankers and brokers are not human beings and those who serve them are ready and willing to use the corrupted courts, legislatures and police forces with the certitude that they will prevail. Meanwhile, they have put the public in a situation where the public has no options either, except to go home and endure worse than they are already left with. It is not a workable situation. It’s possible these bankers and brokers and the like were human once, but recovering your humanity, once you have given it up and once you have used your lust for money and power to cause the desperation and deaths of large numbers of people, is an unlikely affair. It doesn’t compute in terms of possibility and likely outcome.

I can’t see the reality of this movement being controlled by the very forces they are up against. I can see that there are efforts afoot to accomplish this but I can’t see that in the genesis. What I see is a recipe for chaos and disaster on an epic scale. I see revolution that cannot be contained, soon to emerge once the right or wrong things happen.

The most recent permutation of the money men against the people of the world must have gone into operation shortly after the murder of Kennedy. It’s been going on for a long time but I am referring to an uptick in the whole process. The Zio-Nazis began to come out of the closet. The courts became corrupted. Decent men and women were no longer allowed to be elected or appointed. It had to be clear to the people running the show that you were willing to follow orders, or else. The result of this has been that now there are very, very few people with good intentions anywhere in any agency of government in the northern hemisphere, or anywhere else for that matter. The whole dynamic is top-loaded with evil and weak functionaries and they have to go or nothing changes. Things get worse and worse and do not change. Push has come to shove and there’s no room outside of that.

Greedhead and godless psychopath, Steven Schwarzman said that Obama’s tax proposals were like when Hitler invaded Poland. His companion Zio-Nazi predator, Eric Cantor is talking about the mob effect of the protestors and he doesn’t like it one bit. Both of these men know that they are major players in the horrors of the time so what else are they going to say? Sooner or later it comes out what they are. The Apocalypse will take care of that. Both of these men should be in jail, along with all of their associates and enablers. They are not of a mind to be cooperative and understanding. They don’t give a shit and that’s not gong to change, until they are facing something seriously dramatic and they aren’t likely to change then either. Jamie Dimon is the same way. Push has come to shove as these money junkie criminals drink their single malt and look down on the dirty hippies in these streets they control.

I’m hearing people bemoan the addition of union workers and teachers because they were Obama supporters but my first thought is that they are just more people who were deluded by the man. Then again you have vicious Zio-Troll Stuart Appelbaum who heads the AFL-CIO looking to hijack the operation. You can say the unions are corrupt and just out for themselves but that’s the case with everyone. Is that the case with all unions? Everyone wants something so what are we to do about that? Should we just say we are all corrupt and deserve nothing and leave those who took everything to continue as they have because if we are all corrupt then who cares?

They used to hang 9 year old kids in England for stealing a loaf of bread. If you steal big you win big because nothing happens; witness that not one person from the Wall Street crime syndicate has gone to jail yet. It’s hard to find anyone more corrupt than Eric Holder and he is the chief law enforcement guy in the country. Not much is going to get fixed with him in power. Not much is going to get fixed until all of these weasels and pigs are tossed out of the seats of power and… how is that going to be accomplished when voter fraud and rigged elections are the order of the day? How are the righteous concerns of abused citizens going to be addressed when law enforcement is nothing more than the police force of the rich?

For the moment, Push and Shove are circling each other in the town square. The clear and defensible, legitimate demands of the people are calling out, while surrounded by those whose guns and weapons are tools of Wall Street and the rich. How can this possibly play out given the conditions that brought it all to this point and the likely actions of those under fire for crimes against humanity and total indifference concerning them? The Constitution says they have a right to steal everything in sight. We all know that The Constitution now says whatever anyone wants it to say as long as they have the power to declare it through the mouthpieces and diligent distortions of lawyers paid to accomplish it.

Nothing positive in the public good is going to get done until the media is taken out of the hands of the enemies of humanity. Nothing is going to get done until law enforcement is compelled to recognize who they are actually empowered to serve. Nothing is going to get done until the depraved judges are tossed out of their positions. Nothing is going to get done until both houses of congress are swept clean. Nothing is going to get done until lobbying is outlawed. Nothing is going to get done until trading in derivatives is dealt with and the banks are forced to operate in the public interest instead of at the public’s expense. Nothing is going to get done until the military has its own revolution. I can’t imagine how this is all going to play out but it doesn’t look good given what presently exists.

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