Busking at the Corner of Shit and Go Blind

Reflections in a Petri Dish – October 10, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We have been carried in the floodwaters and whipped in the tailwinds of problem, reaction and solution. We’ve been beggared and broken at the corner of Shit and Go Blind. We’ve been massive, lumbering and asleep; incapable of distance or direction, finding no capable purpose for millions of marching feet, while the predatory few have trapped us for our skins and hunted us for meat. The imprisoned multitudes in shackles of debt have been herded like sheep, driven by fear of want into the gloomy woods and we are not out of them yet, not by a long shot.

Over the centuries the same debt collectors and slave masters have applied the same deliberate schemes, the same burning lashes from the whips of deceit; impoverished, enslaved, murdered and raped for pleasure and profit by the same reptile race. Generation after generation has been put to sleep by the sonorous droning of poisonous snakes. Like hypnotized pigeons we stand frozen and wait for the mercy of death, the only salvation in this dreadful place. Because we could not come together, we could not unite to see the power and strength of our possibilities against the predatory few.

They provided the slogans for their perpetual wars. They hijacked the religions and gave us monsters as gods who were engines of death. We bowed down before them and promised to serve and to die for the ones who destroyed us. We bought into the lie at usurious interest; we paid with our lifetimes, this compounding debt, to the devils among us who owned the printing press and the podiums and pulpits, the newspapers and the radios, the movies and the books, that sang their praises and pissed on the rest. They made a whore of history and fucked her till she bled and no one did anything. They are doing it still. They made wine from our blood and we drank the swill. This is the way of the darkness and those who hide in her skirts. This is the way of the perfunctory constant of intricate documents and legal restraints. This is the way of banker and bureaucrat, the political swine, who mouthpiece the shit that we hear in our sleep.

They are a legion of Cromwells and Wormtongues. They advise the king in his dotage and depravity. They slither in and out of the extorted opulence of incestuous clans, that rose up to power through corruption and force and they are your betters, of course, of course. They are everywhere in kingdom and court, in parliament and congress, wherever the opportunities for influence and gain can be had for the clever, who will say what they must to advance the agenda; in god we trust. Everyone else pays cash or service or dies in the street. This is the way of the darkness and the servants of darkness. Now they will seek understanding and mercy. They will tell you it was just how it was. You would do the same under the same conditions. No one is to blame.

I woke up this morning wondering at my life, far away from my friends and the familiar places and routines that used to be. I can hardly remember being there sometimes but I know that’s not possible in these times. The conditions are far worse than when I went away and that means I would have been even more of an annoyance than I had been and that had been enough to make them come after me several times before. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and live to fight another day.

Recently I have heard some number of people tell me that Occupy Wall Street was some kind of ingenious invention by the usual vampires and villains. This morning I saw this and this morning, I saw one of the American icons of vanity and prevarications, Geraldo Rivera get drummed out of Dodge to the tune of Fox News Lies. You don’t get much sleazier and 24 carat phony than Geraldo. Something tells me this is not your grandmother’s co-opted revolution, for the continuing gain of the fattened goblins of finance and fabrication. Are they working full time to discredit and take control of the thing? You bet they are. I’m finding it hard to believe that’s been accomplished so far. When people will tell MoveOn.org to fuck off, you have to believe, or at least you want to believe that something genuine is happening.

One thing is certain, this isn’t going to continue as it is for too much longer. TPTW are not going to let it slide and gather more and more force, which it will, because the whole world of everyone other than them has had enough of their evil games. The Palestinian declaration of independence, or whatever it’s called, is getting nearer by the day. Sabers are rattling all over The Middle East and the principality of the dark lord in residence, is getting antsier by the minute, due to a change in the consistency of everyone else serving them without question and dying on command if need be. You can hardly find a decent plate of pâté of Palestinian Child anymore. Most of it is imported and composed of some Eastern European blend. It doesn’t taste like the real thing. The real thing screams of loss and suffering and what could be more satisfying to the people who actually caused the suffering and loss than the real thing?

Where is it gong to go from here? What shape is it going to take out of the many possibilities that may or may not be? If you think you’ve got a good idea of what’s coming, I’m thinking you should put in a call to the oddsmakers in Vegas and place your bet. This is the kind of thing that brings down governments and there is definitely a candidate or several high on the list. While all of this has been taking place, Obama has been whining and dining with the Wall Street suits. Mr. Stepin Fetchit has been stepping and fetching and felching as well. He’s going to be a legend along with Bennie the Boilsucker. He’s the fluffer in chief. He’s a demon in mufti giving the devil a little relief from Incubus Frottage Central, on call 24 hour a day with outcalls a specialty.

Here’s the sad truth as it appears to me this day, peaceful revolution is impossible. Here’s the sad reality behind this impossibility. They will not change. They will corrupt and kill, torture and dismember, until they are driven into full retreat. You cannot reason with them. You cannot expect they will honor any agreement ever. They are intransigent and resistant toward any understanding that orders them to reform or transform. They are rotten to the core and they want more. What this means I will leave to your imagination.

We can only hope that their time has come. We can only hope that the force of the changing times is an authentic reality and that their methods and machinations are being drained of their power to perform. If cosmic destiny has arrived at their door then they will be shown the door in a permanent fashion. Whatever happens to them will be sufficient to the need. They have brought it upon themselves and the worst that can happen is the least they deserve, in spades.

I’ve always believed in compassion and/or quarantine, hoping some way or another will appear to allow for the practice of the one or the performance of the other but that would be truly surprising, given their mentality and intentions upon the rest of us.

I wonder what they are thinking. I’ve heard some parts of what they have to say. I’ve seen them mocking and slandering, composing lies and posturing like peacocks in the ruin of their excess. They wear their vanity like a second skin. They are imperial and absolute in their inhumanity and greed. They do not believe or imagine that justice may come for them. Justice is just one more chambermaid to be bent over the table or forced to her knees. They are the timeless inheritors of droit du seigneur, the remorseless ass bandits of the divine right of kings.

My personal hope is that they go down with all the force and ignominy that can come upon them now. They have sealed the window through which mercy can leak. They have blackened and barred the aperture. They have done it to themselves and are fully deserving of what may follow in the wake of their indifference to the needs of their fellows and their utter and callous disregard for the effects of their actions. All of the finer sentiments of the human heart; they don’t see it that way. They don’t have it in them. They are an emptiness and a terrible vacancy where nothing good can reside. They are worse than we imagine them to be and it is my fervent hope that they find nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

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