Another Terror Attack “Inevitable”?

As far back as March 2004, in the aftermath of the bombings in Madrid which left 191 dead, the then commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, Sir John Stevens (1), went on record to say it was “inevitable” that one day London would be the target of terrorist attacks.

In the wake of July’s attacks he’s been proven right and James Hart, who heads the City of London police, has repeated those warnings by saying that an attack on the city’s financial centre is “inevitable”. However, while both men acknowledge that they cannot prevent it, we should be asking: whence this assurance among Britain’s top policemen that such an attack is indeed “inevitable”?

Could it be that the real brains behind the terror attacks are not Muslim extremists but elements within Britain’s security establishment? Could it be they who are orchestrating false flag terror attacks in order to keep ordinary Britons confused and apprehensive? Thereby helping to facilite the introduction of more “anti-terror” legislation while paving the way for the next step in the “War on Terror”.

And could it be that these elements in Britain’s security services are working in collusion with some of the country’s top policemen in order to bring this about?

It may sound a little outlandish but no more so than claims about Saddam Hussein’s Weapon’s of Mass Destruction, which for a while were a staple topic in the mainstream media. Thereby, helping to prepare the way for the invasion of Iraq in order to neutralise, in the public’s mind at least, the threat posed by Saddam’s fictitious WMD’s.
Two and a half years on and it’s obvious that those claims along with Tony Blair’s statement about “45 minutes” were entirely false. But now ordinary Britons and Americans must pay the price for those lies in an ongoing war that has cost thousands of lives with no end in sight.

So it’s as well to be a little sceptical when authority figures start making more claims about “terror threats”.

Moreover, there is another element here that has recieved virtually no publicity.

Membership of the Freemason’s is said to be a prime criteria for promotion among Britain’s top policemen and London, in particular its financial district, is a nexus of Masonic activity as well as financial dealing. Almost exactly a year before the 7/7 attacks the then commissioner of London’s metropolitan police was issuing terror warnings (2). Now the chief of police in the City of London has echoed those warnings, specifying the target zone. Could James Hart simply be following orders by sounding these alarms, in anticipation of another staged terror attack?

Like others before him he has once again warned of “not if, but when”. Repeating warnings about how terror attacks are now “inevitable”. But if police chiefs know enough about the supposed “terror threat” to say that the attacks are “inevitable”, why can’t they stop them? Or is that asking too much?

These claims should be examined with some scrutiny because, like claims about Saddam’s WMD’s, they could be part of another agenda altogether. Indeed, they could be intended to ultimately lead the Anglo-American axis into further military confrontation elsewhere in the world, just like the events of 9/11.

Police chief says attack on City of London inevitable
Reuters – Wednesday August 10, 2005

An attack on the capital’s financial district is inevitable despite tighter security in the wake of the July bombings on the capital’s transport network, the area’s police chief said in an interview published on Tuesday.

James Hart, who heads the City of London police force, said police had disrupted “hostile reconnaissance” of the region several times but made no arrests.

He did not give details of which buildings had been staked out, saying only that they were businesses, iconic sites and prominent buildings.

“Every successful terrorist group pre-surveys its target,” Hart said in an interview carried on the Financial Times Web site (

“There is no doubt that we have been subject to that surveillance. If you want to hurt the government … where better to hit than at the financial centre?”

London is home to scores of banks, law firms, the London Stock Exchange and the Bank of England. Tourists attractions include St Paul’s Cathedral and the Monument, a stone tower commemorating the 1666 Great Fire of London.

Hart said it was only a matter of time before bombers targeted the City, bombed twice by the IRA in the early 1990s.

“Look at the number of times we were hit by the IRA,” Hart said. “I think (another attack) is a question of when rather than if.”

He said security in the district had been tightened since the July 7 bombings, which killed 52 people on three London trains and a bus, and the failed July 21 attacks also targeting city transport.

Hart told the FT he believed those behind the July bombings were not linked to al Qaeda, contradicting previous statements by London police chief Sir Ian Blair.

Instead, the bombers were a third-tier grouping with intellectual sympathies to al Qaeda propaganda, Hart said.

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In Conclusion
Note how Hart completely contradicts previous statements by London police chief Sir Ian Blair about links to al Qaeda. As we have said elsewhere, it’s almost as if a team of scriptwriters were rewriting an ongoing storyline – to keep a bewildered public in suspense and confound genuine investigators.