Voice of the White House August 8, 2005

”Because of the growing importance of oil and the diminishing supply thereof, the Bush people, especially including Cheney, are growing more and more alarmed about the possibility that growing hostility towards Bush’s aggressive and imperialistic policies could further curtail the oil being sold to the US. Also, there is growing anger with both North Korea and Iran, both of whom (Pakistan, our bribed “friend” has dozens of atomic weapons and the capacity to deliver some of them to our enemies, is conveniently ignored these days) have the capacity to make, and probably have, atomic weapons.

In light of all this anxiety, the Neocons have concocted an interesting two pronged program to both secure unlimited amounts of guaranteed oil and neutralize both North Korea and Iran. These theses are expounded in a “secret” paper (there are no secrets in Washington) that has been circulating amongst the Bush people.

The idea will be for the CIA to cause “incidents” in Saudi Arabia that will terrify the Saud dynasty. The recent death of the invalid King is seen as an opportune moment to launch this operation. It is known that the Wahhbists (Saudi Muslim fundamentalists sponsored many years ago by King ibn Saud. Ed) are determined to oust the “hedonistic, pro-Westerners [Americans] and those who have turned from the True Faith.”

The Neocon plan is to so agitate the royal family with faked incidents, “proving” the dreaded Wahhbists are plotting a bloody overthrow, that the King will be offered a “sincere” plan on the part of the Americans.

If he is sufficiently alarmed, we would send in some “security specialists,” to include the FBI and military specialists, to “help the Saudi intelligence and local police” to regain and maintain strict control. Actually, these “professionals” would be the thin edge of the wedge. Once they are in, and the royal fears would have to overcome the bulk of Saudi Arabia’s detestation of both the U.S. and Israel to permit this, there would be more and more “professionals” coming in.

The plan is to downsize our troops in Iraq and move them to Saudi Arabia. Then, when we had enough troops to enforce matters, we would advise the royal family that the United States was taking Saudi Arabia “under its protection,” just like the Nazi Protectorate in former Czech lands, and we would not only be able to secure the oil but stop the Saudis from financing Muslim groups we did not approve of and, <>more important from the Israeli point of view<>, have the country as a rich, undisturbed forward base for the inevitable attack on Iran.

And that leads me to the second scenario. First, both Iran and North Korea will be heavily bribed by the Bush people to give up atomic research. Much will be promised and some things delivered and when these two “rebel states” are happy with an influx of new cars, money for the top leaders and Hollywood porn films and heroin for the masses, (the degeneration of Afghanistan in the past two years into the world’s second worst narco-state, run by warlords friendly to the US, is not an accident – the Afghan heroin production is destined for Iran and is encouraged by the US) and lulled into a false sense of security, the US would strike suddenly and militarily to neutralize both countries.

Japan does not want to be the staging ground for such at attack on North Korea so we have chosen Okinawa. Now once we get our hands on North Korea, mass show trials and subsequent executions of the current militant Communist regime would follow. Bush himself insists on this.

As far as Iran is concerned, our beef is that they raided our Embassy years ago and humiliated us, have been supplying guns and money to groups of Muslims that fight against the US occupation troops, are daring to sell oil to the Chinese and not to us, and have establish an “unhealthy relationship” with the evil Putin’s Russia.

If there is any problem in Riyadh over our massive occupation forces, we will threaten the Saudis with destruction of the Muslim holy sites in Mecca, something the Israelis have been advocating for years now. That, as the Neocon paper says, “should force them into silence and continued cooperation.”

The only problem with this Hitlerian scheme is that someone inside one of the agencies has leaked the text of this paper, which is now circulating around here, to Tehran and very possibly, they will actually support a genuine fundamentalist rising in Saudi Arabia and then the US would be faced with another popular insurgency like they have basically lost in Iraq.

And like Iraq, we would then lose any claim to Saudi oil because if the fundamentalists get into power, we are automatically cut off, just like in Venezuela. We lost there because the clumsy CIA couldn’t get rid of Chavez and only made him more hostile.

Another factor in all of this oil business is the growing realization that the increasingly violent and more frequent hurricanes in the Gulf area are posing a real threat to our offshore oil drilling capacity. Two more Ivans in the same area could send domestic gas prices over $5.a gallon, hence the frenzy to guarantee (by force) the continued access to the Saudi oil resources.”

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