Plame Leakers Looking at Death Penalty

Aside from possible perjury, obstruction of justice, and lying to a FBI agent charges, a US Federal Court attorney analyzes applicable Plame leak statutes:

The applicable statutes were violated regardless. In conclusion, I find it quite incredible that the main stream media, and for that matter the blogosphere as well, has failed to bring these very applicable statutes and court decisions to the immediate attention of the People of the USA.

18 USC 793 provides for a maximum of ten years in prison to those convicted under this statute.

18 USC 794 deals directly with Treason and the death penalty.

Why isn’t the main stream media discussing 18 USC 793 and 794? The Title 18 statutes are the most relevant statutes to Patrick Fitzgerald’s grand jury investigation.

The sheer scope of intentional ignorance on the part of the mainstream media warrants a staggering shame upon those dying institutions whose relevance is quickly becoming marginalized to the point of complete irrelevance. They are not “breaking” stories. They are engaged in controlled propaganda which does not stand up to the monolithic power of the Blogosphere. It’s disgusting how they operate in a “see no evil” herd of complicity.

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