Voice of the White house August 4, 2005

“The news from the front in Iraq is getting worse and worse but Bush pays no attention to it. It’s like water off of a duck’s back with him. Muslims could burn fifty GIs to death in front of a camera and while he’s lying around in Crawford (where he spends more time than the White House) he would go right on smiling at the cows. The high level military people are getting mad as hell but Bush pays no attention to them. Losses are getting out of hand and the news that there are hundreds of young GIs dumped into mass graves is going to come out and when it does, there will be real anger in the Pentagon…and nothing in the White House but yawns and little funny Texas stories from Bush. His sycophantic staff will all laugh and clap their backs at his stupid jokes, most of which have long beards and Bush will smirk and beam. I see that the Pentagon has reluctantly allowed to permit “a few” pictures of dead GI’s coffins at Dover but, as Bush says, “Goddam few!” In all truth, sarcasm aside, this has become an Imperial Elite House and Bush really thinks he is anointed by God to rule over the rest of us. He detests Congress and a “fucking talk shop” and no one dares to contradict him on any subject. He was bad enough in the beginning but I swear that he has slipped his leash and is a complete, certified megalomaniac. God save us all.”

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