Something about Precessions and so on

Visible Origami – October 3, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

One of the great tunes that came and went out of the collective unconscious could be the sound track to our Grapes of Wrath. I expect you could find the music if you looked for it. You might wonder who the Israelites are actually . You might like Bob Marley’s work. I do. The products of the policies of our times are arriving on the dinner table. You can get a clear sense of the people involved and what’s permitted to get past the filter of the MSM by going here; of course there is Fox News, if you want the full porcine treatment.

Jesus, people, do we hold ourselves to be irrelevant? Do we hold these truths to be relevant that all people are free are created equal and given the right to be free who they are and anyway, to live and work productively?

“Hey Fan? Meet shit! We have come to deliver it.” That is the name of that tune. Here we are but I don’t think we are rocking in the free world. It all comes down to Karma. If you believe in that sort of thing; individually and collectively; are you better off than you were four years ago? That’s how the saying goes, in the American Dream.

The culture has come to the breaking point as those who have made themselves rich from the industry of others, hold the gold, steal the gold and use the gold to pay the people who control the commerce and concourse to control you, while they live off of the diminishing fat of the land at your expense.

The various systems that you call capitalism, or socialism or communism have arrived at the same place that they always do where the few have too much and the many have too little. Things can go along, more or less, as long as the middle class aren’t squeezed into a tight place but they are now squeezed …and there you have it.

I find it interesting that Joe Biden, whom I had long considered a political hack, would do something like this and you see the people of his own consortium motivated otherwise. Somehow there is a connection to my commentary on SOTT, concerning whether people can change. I am also in a land of confusion or what?

I can’t send my postings to someone who used to post me because he has a problem about the existence of God. Well, I know God is a reality in human affairs, just like the devil is. You are either fighting or fornicating in all your performances upon that which delivers it back to you and you get what comes back out of it. That is the way it goes; armies and empires, copulating and fornicating for money, sex and power.

I don’t know if anyone else was experiencing what I did this morning at around 5:30. I awoke from a dream and my first thought was that I am an old man. I don’t feel like an old man but I am 65. I went down to the kitchen to make some tea. I was being quiet because I didn’t want to wake Susanne up. She had been at it into the late night preparing some complicated dish for the next day for a gathering we will have this evening to show our appreciation to the people who helped us with the dogs and Susanne’s mother, while we were in Italy getting the house together to sell it.

Susanne appeared in the kitchen while I was making tea. I was surprised to see her and was also in a higher consciousness and my mind was filled with the thoughts I had awakened with. I told her why I was up so early and she said that we should sit and talk and as I began to speak to her, I heard myself saying the things that I would be saying prior to the moment of my death. I felt the movement of the entire galaxy passing around and through me and I was certain that I was going to die in a few moments. Our conversation was exactly according to the script as I had envisioned it.

It was the same conversation that had taken place when the person who published the first of my books was visiting, just after she had departed in the evening a few months ago. Susanne was unaware of this happening in the moment and I sat there, knowing I would die in any moment and just waiting for it to occur. It went on and on and I didn’t die, or I haven’t so far. It would take far too long to tell the tale of what led to this… anyway, I realized that I wasn’t going to die and so I went out to get some honey for my tea at a bakery and a woman backed out of the bakery with her car. I was looking her and she was looking at me and she just backed all the way out into the street until she hit a parked car. I just walked into the bakery. I was still pretty shaken from not having died in the kitchen and I didn’t know what was real anymore. I got the honey and went home; passing the woman who was now getting out of her car again, to deal with the accident once she had gotten herself off of the highway.

I walked back home and here I sit writing this and I really don’t know what to think at the moment. Meanwhile the people are rising up against Wall Street and two Jewish lesbians in Berkeley California are engaged in gender surgery for their daughter. Biden says that Pollard will be released over his dead body. The Detroit Lions beat the Dallas Cowboys and I have no idea of what is going on anymore. I think it is safe to say that I am intent upon not engaging in anything that might hamper my clear and sober awareness of life. I realize I have to engage in a ceremonial aspect of it, given the dinner this evening but other than going through the motions regarding anything else at the moment, is off the table.

Something is definitely happening, everywhere in the world right now and it is whatever it is, depending on whatever the particular people are engaged in. I am mystified beyond my capacity concerning what I might do about anything. Endurance and continuance is the best I can manage. It is flat out unbelievable to me and I’m someone whose life is not generally a field of the commonplace.

It becomes increasingly difficult to find something to say, as you can see by my absence at the blogs and even the radio show. My last Petri Dish has given me significant pause. Hopefully I will have found a better method out of my madness. This apocalypse or transitioning or whatever the name of it is, seems to come in bursts. Maybe it has something to do with sunspots. I really don’t know. I do know that it is powerful and increasing in that respect.

If I have disappointed any of you in recent times or just generally all along, I am sorry for that. I haven’t set myself up to be anything so that is to the good, I hope. I feel like I am clearer about some things and less clear about others but maybe that is just how it goes. I truly wish all of you well and hope to be useful, interesting or informative, whatever it is that you come here for. It hasn’t been easy getting this post out and up. Maybe the next one will be less of a struggle (grin). Have a good day.

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