Voice of the White House July 24, 2005

“It is reasonably obvious to those of us who have seen this sort of thing before, that the first set of London bombings were instituted and implemented by professionals. There is some confusion but it now appears that the actual “suicide bombers” may well have been dupes, fingered by MI5 and then approached and conned by our own people. All of the doers were blown to bits so they could never talk. The timing was too pat to be true and very convenient for Blair’s sagging popularity. And Bush could not afford it if Blair was booted out, or forced to resign, with any subsequent PM deciding to pull UK troops out of Iraq.

The second attempt is very obviously the work of rank amateur copy-cats but note that the London police quickly shot a suspect to death. That he turned out to be completely innocent is very bad PR for them but had he been the real thing, he could hardly talk with his brains all over the underground platform, could he? Even among cynical and experienced Beltway Boys, this one is too much to swallow and if the Brits ever start to believe this was another CIA manipulation, Blair will not only go but probably be executed for treason in the Tower of London. Mark me, Bush and his sick crew of fascists will use this as an excuse for clamping further controls down on the rest of us. ”

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