Signs of the Times in the Crosshairs

Reflections in a Petri Dish – September 29, 2011

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Every now and then we have to come together and show what we are made of, that is; if we are composed of anything one would consider worth saving. I don’t know who said it but someone once said, “if we don’t hang together then we shall all hang separately. The French authorities are going after Signs of the Times.

I’ve had my differences with the Signs of the Times people but I would say that the main falling out on my part was that I was in favor of the use of psychotropic substances for my own personal use. As I remember, it had to do with psychedelics because I hadn’t even used ketamine at that point (grin). It was about seven years ago now that I met them; gone down to their lodgings in France and had a couple of visits.

I had gone down there with the intention of possibly being able to network with them and maybe even join in with them for mutual profit and sharing of resources for the greater good. I had hoped they might be interested in publishing my books. That’s no longer a concern since I have some fine and splendid people like Amarynth and Eric to handle that end of things for me now. Psychedelics are not for everyone but they had been of incalculable assistance to me in my search for a greater understanding of myself and the world in which I live. The people at Signs of the Times, hereafter to be referred to as SOTT, are opposed to the use of chemical enhancements and this is in line with teachers everywhere, because it’s not something for the general public to profit from. On the other hand, what can one say of alcohol which is a hundred times more murderous and insidious and which the general population is addicted to, to the point that it is harmful all the way up and down the ladder, especially among the lawmakers with their martini and scotch glazed eyes and dreadful behavior but they have different rules for themselves. It’s a sticky wicket and I don’t want to spend too much time on it. Let me just say that some of us have a special dispensation from the hierarchy to act as a testing field for the greater good; we visionaries and pioneers (grin), like Terrence McKenna, Aldous Huxley and John Lilly.

They were perfectly correct in looking askance at me for being in favor of this avenue of research but maybe less so in forming an opinion concerning special cases. It’s understandable that this would not sit well with them but the bottom line is that I do not promote the use of these things among other people. We each make our own decisions and we each must bear the consequences. I’m good with that. I bring this up only to point out that they are straight in that regard and as far as official powers go, whom we know engage in the proliferation of these items for social control and black bag operations, that’s within the professed guidelines.

They’re being accused of being a cult and that is something that they are not, as far as my limited observations can be considered to be trustworthy. I’m very tuned in when it comes to that kind of a thing, in any case. I’m one of the sharper tools in the drawer in spotting mind control games and the manipulation of perception and behavior. In the sixties I became something of an idiot savant and street level guru to the youth in Dupont Circle due to my kundalini awakening. People came to hear me speak there and trusted me, even though I was only 19 years old and even though the kundalini thing had not yet happened, it was on the way.

One day, two young girls around the age of sixteen came to me and asked me what I thought about Scientology, which had their flagship operation right up the street. I didn’t know that much about them but I was superficially familiar with the book “Dianetics”: it was called something like that. I told them I thought it was bullshit or words to that effect and thought no more about it. A day or two later someone came to me and told me that they wanted to see me at the Scientology center. I went over there and was taken into the office of a woman in her forties, who asked me how I came to an opinion of their operation. I told her I had read the book, which I hadn’t and that I didn’t find it useful. I can’t remember now how the conversation went but at some point she leaped out of her seat and screamed at me, “You are a suppressive! Get out of here!” She was trembling. I was astonished. I left. Over the course of the next several days, no less than ten people came to me and handed me slips of paper which said, “I can no longer talk to you because you are a suppressive.” I thought it was funny.

Shortly thereafter two undercover policemen were sent into the park to set me up in a marijuana sting. I did not deal drugs. That wasn’t my thing but of course I knew how to get them. When the event went down, I was with John Hall, who later went on to be a founding member of the band, Orleans and who later became a United States congressman. The police later told me that they were informed that I was engaged in drug trafficking by an organization in the city and John’s parents told the police I was staying at their house because they were concerned about my influence on their son, Was I a budding cult leader (grin)? I doubt there was any connection between Scientology and the Hall family. That’s just how it worked out.

Scientology is very definitely a mind control operation and they very definitely go after people. SOTT is not. I know there have been claims of censorship over at the site. I know nothing about that. I know that most organizations usually file commentary when they don’t like the spin. Whether SOTT should be more or less open than they are is not something I would know about. What I do know is that they are, or appeared to be, pretty ordinary people, except for Laura who is extraordinary when it comes to being a researcher and writer and she is right up there with David Icke as far as detailed analysis goes. I’m not entirely fond of some of the things that Icke promotes but I don’t see eye to eye with SOTT on various things either. What I do know is that Laura is a brilliant writer and a great mind when it comes to the things she writes about. She’s a rare bird.

There isn’t any sense that people at SOTT need to be deprogrammed. I know Joe Quinn who is one of the editors there and he is a bright and industrious young guy and straight as an arrow as far as I could see and all of the other people I met at SOTT had their heads screwed on right. They were normal and reasonable and engaging people when I knew them.

SOTT is cutting edge when it comes to putting out the truth about things that are going on. They reach a lot of people and they do a lot of good work. The French authorities should be ashamed of themselves and we should keep in mind how far the Satanic pedophilia operations exist up the ladder in the more powerful circles of French temporal authority. We cannot discount the heavy hand of Zionism there either.

I would be willing, on my own dime, to go down there and testify on their behalf; that is how strongly I feel about the matter and I am a very powerful witness in these kinds of situations. One only has to look at the effect I had in the Hawaiian courts when I was again set up in a similar manner to the previous example given and had only a court appointed lawyer and wound up being the only person in the history of Hawaiian jurisprudence to prove entrapment, which is not the same thing as ‘innocent until proven guilty’. I don’t know that I have any public currency value that’s worth a dime but I’m there if I need to be.

France has a history of being open minded and should keep that history in mind. I’d like to call on everyone who thinks my opinion is worth anything to do whatever they can to stand up for what’s right here. SOTT doesn’t have all the answers and they may or may not be wrong about various things on the relative plane in an ultimate way but the same can be said for any of us.

What it boils down to is that the people at the top of the pyramid are corrupt and their time has come and they are also trapped in the results of their machinations and inefficiencies, as well as their greed and profiting upon the backs of the people and they are lashing out at everything that represents the truth about things. They would be much better off coming forward and seeking mercy before there is none to give. Time is short.

Any fool can see through Laura’s writings and the writings of the people who work for and with her, that SOTT is the diametrical opposite of cult activity. It’s the cults that are behind the push and shove against SOTT. I want to tell you, you fools, whose power diminishes by the hour, that you had better wake up because your time of influence is passing.

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