Charles de Menezes: Executed to Instill Fear?

I don’t buy the British government excuse that Charles de Menezes’ murder was an accident. “Police said Menezes attracted police attention because he left a building that was under surveillance after Thursday’s attacks,” reports News 24.

“They said he was then followed by surveillance officers to the station, and that his clothing and his behavior at the station added to their suspicions.” In other words, if you don’t act in the expected manner, or wear the right clothes, you may get five rounds to the head. But this is an excuse as well. Point is, when a criminal government involved in massive war crimes (in Iraq and Afghanistan) gives cops (or special forces) a free pass to kill people without pretext or ramification, yahoos in government employ will emerge from the woodwork and begin executing people.

Of course, this may be exactly what the British government wants—to instill fear in select communities as a form of psychological warfare.

Israel has done this for decades to the Palestinians and it now appears the Israelis are teaching the British a few lessons, although the British were no slouches when it came to terrorizing millions of people over the centuries in Africa, Malaysia, India, Ireland, the Middle East, and elsewhere.