Nick Cage is a Vampire and I am the Wizard of It

Smoking Mirrors – September 28, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I love the smell of burning plagiarism in the morning, especially when it’s me. Some few night train lawyers seem concerned that I did that to the elegant work of Jim Kirwan, when it was Jim quoting me, so if anything, it was in reverse. Jim is a fine writer, one of the best; passionate and precise. However neither of us needs to steal from each other in the first because for both of us, it’s on loan from God. I hereby legitimize this sad state of affairs, I give Jim permission to steal my shit whenever he wants and then sell it back to me at a cost determined to be cheaper than stolen.

In my defense, I raise the case of the vampire, Nick Cage for your study and scrutiny. I know, I look like Nick Cage and that is another kind of plagiarism, which God is fond of. Nick can play me when they make a movie out of my first book. Now you can accuse me of shameless self promotion too, which is the second thing that comes up with Les Visible at Google after plagiarism. I know, I used to look like Nick Cage as you can see, by looking at the photo of me, and remember that I have aged just like Nick appears to have aged as well but we all go back into our coffins at night.

Actually, I’m more concerned about a movie I saw last night called Setup, which has Bruce Willis, ‘I’m not Justin Timberlake, Ryan Philippe’ and a guy called 50 Cents in a movie that wasn’t worth 50 cents and you really have to see this film to know what I am talking about but you will hate me for having made you watch it. It is truly and unbelievably bad and it cost a lot of money to make it happen and somehow it is connected to this guy whose bio says “Bringing an incredible array of diverse talents to the screen after designing action sequences for some of Hollywood’s top blockbusters, Writer/Director Mike Gunther has used action to bring in over 2 billion dollars at the box office and emerged as one of the industry’s most exciting “go to” creative forces”

We live in amazing times and as I watched this film, which was off the carts horrific, in exponential scope; given the name actors and all, I asked myself, “What’s going on?” I’m not entirely certain but it looks like an enormous cosmic meltdown is in process, as those who have made so much money from the things we all used to enjoy have finally come up against a wall or an endless wasteland because they watered it down and squeezed it dry so hard that now they are all hanging in air with no form or content. I mean to say that this is happening at every level of the game; political, religious, artistic. The mainline, mainstream players have come to the edge of the precipice with everybody else’s money and they are going where?

Let’s go back to the plagiarism thing because there are all kinds of ironies going down at the moment. I was hoping to get someone to do a graphic of the twin towers as a fuck you but it wasn’t my idea to tell the truth. Susanne came up with it and since she can draw, I asked her to do it but time goes by and I think, ‘let me get someone else to do it’. I was going to give her attribution after the fact but I guess you could say I plagiarized her idea up to the point that I was talking about it. Of course, it would only be plagiarism if something happened with it and I benefited as a result. I’ll see you in court Susanne (grin). She has many talents that I do not. She can draw and she can play the guitar. I am a terrible musician. I’m a singer/songwriter and I never have understood why nobody famous ever did any of my songs.

I went to Maui to meet George Benson, that was the motive and George liked my songs but his manager had ‘first refusal’ on anything he recorded. I stayed on Maui, hoping to meet Willie Nelson, working as a cook in restaurants. I wrote songs that I thought Willie would like. Willie had a friend named Poppi (I probably have the name misspelled) who was a restaurateur and Bud (The Birdman) Clifton gave him one of the songs I wrote for Willie and Poppi heard it and said that Willie would love the song and he would get it to him, then he died. That kind of thing has happened to me more than once. I never wanted to be the performer. I wanted other people to do my work. I was always trying to get songs to people but nothing came of it and it is hard to understand because the songs are good. I would think country and folk performers would love to do my songs. I used to run into Ritchie Haven’s here and there and that never came to anything either. Maybe my songs aren’t any good but I suspect that is definitely not the case. Some of my songs are pretty fucking good and would head for Grammy-land on country radio but maybe it just isn’t supposed to be.

How many years did I spend trying to get people to sing my songs? I didn’t have to sing or play them and I am a terrible musician and a truly bad mixer and engineer. I keep trying. Apparently my work is so bad, I can’t even be on Soundclick anymore and I don’t even put them at the end of my posts. It stuns me how bad my songs have sank. Jackson Browne did all that incredible work making Warren Zevon happen but I never got a Jackson Browne, or a Ritchie Haven’s or a Willie Nelson or a George Benson. I just went on and on. I’ve stopped recording songs because nobody wants to hear them and just stuck to the writing. I don’t play my guitar any more or the piano; not like I could anyway, but I do keep singing and I hope someone heard. Elvis Presley just dropped me by the side of the highway in LA. I can thank him for making me safe in Palm Springs when he would pull up to the curb in front of Bookland and tell me that “I thought you were going to Phoenix?” People thought I was his friend and they left me alone’ there in the rich man’s desert. He drove by about ten times that night, waving, talking to me though the limousine window, while people were screaming in the streets, “Elvis!” I lived on tangerines picked from trees and French fries that some kid might buy for me and slept in the desert, or some young girl’s car. Hardly anyone helped me out. Dark times and desolation for me but I just struggled though it with the kundalini.

Well, that could be a movie, just like the trial in Hawaii, or all of what happened in Washington D.C. and those tales have been told before at the other blogs. I am amazed that I am still standing, well, sitting actually. That is how come I know there is a god, which brings me to an incredible space, at least in my own mind, given the continuing lack of recognition. Or, is our purpose going to be fulfilled? Somehow I see a new day dawning and I do not know what will come of it.

I look at the evidence of this movie called The Setup, as the cultural expression of an absolute contempt for the purpose of existence, that goes nowhere, except into endless distress, while we have the means and technology to make anything possible. There has to be a divine hand but the times are dark because we have been shredded by psychopaths that have led us to our doom.

It’s on now. Maybe god is real and maybe not but does anyone doubt the presence of the devil? Or is this just evolution.  Well. I guess we find out in the end. Because it really does come down to whether or not there is a god and I think there is. It’s a grand scale kind of a thing. You have the trembling heavens on the brink, however, heaven does not tremble because the actual will of god will prevail and all the hard on have all, steal all, will lose all.

I believe in a bright and beautiful future simply because I believe that somewhere ahead it lies in the performance of our being upon the nasty first matter of our present state. Authenticity and originality are the real currency that there ever was. If one were to accuse me of anything, accuse me for not having given my very best because I have occasionally succumbed to the weaknesses of my kind. I am harried by the same temptations and desires of the rest of you and I have fallen many times. On my own behalf I will say that I still endure and get up again and stand fast when called to account for the needs of the time.

You will notice that, as the old corruptions fall away that something better is coming out of the mix and you should hew to that direction. The time has come to make a change from the life you knew into something better.

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