Voice of the White House July 20, 2005

“With the Rove Scandal growing daily as the press starts a feeding frenzy, the obvious failures in Iraq are another source of panic here in the Monkey Palace. A new plan, concocted by two of the Neocon fascists, is to foment a revolution in Iran, cause maximum internal destruction there and probably, note the word “probably,” wreck or delay the dreaded atomic weapons programs obviously in train there. Unfortunately, the Russians, who are now clandestine but effective allies of Iran, have intercepted certain CIA/USIA codes messages from Saudi Arabia that clearly outline the plottings. Russian code breakers are much better than the US code makers and the result is that many of our so-called “unbreakable diplomatic and intelligence” codes are not. It is becoming obvious that utter stupidity reigns here and everyone is aware of it…except the leadership. Talk about the blind leading the blind! The CIA and other intelligence agencies are terrified of crossing the Bush people and wouldn’t dare submit a report that thwarts the Royal Will with the result that there are very unhappy people in Langley and the Pentagon. They see the blindness and fanaticism of the current empire builders as leading us right over a cliff into the abyss. When a bartender at the Cosmos Club is able to discuss all kinds of deep secrets with some of the patrons, as he did with me recently, we have no security left. The DHS is useless and the FBI is fighting everyone for turf, the CIA is quivering with terror and the NSA is doing its dirty work in private. No one is cooperating and the Bush people have created a Byzantine atmosphere that makes any kind of coordination impossible. The Russians and the Arab militants are laughing at us as are the North Koreans, the PRC people and now even the French and British. The latter are stuck, for the time being, with Suckass Blair but it is strongly rumored that his own party is going to dump him…and the UKs participation in the Iraqi Disaster. As far as Bush is concerned, the Imperial wagon train is starting to circle and the frightened Rove is making irrational noises because he knows he will have to be thrown to the wolves if he can’t find a major distraction soon. The Aruba nonsense has about run its course and there is no more Michael Jackson to occupy the trailer park people. They are getting frantic and frantic people, desperate to hang on to what once appeared to be inexorable Imperial power, will do very stupid things. When this happens, the mass of the public will eventually demand their removal and it will then be so.”

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