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Smoking Mirrors – September 25, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…..

May your noses always be free of the nose rings of usury and may love be your final master.

Where to start…. As I look on my computer; a little to the right, I see Facebook page with ‘Stimulus for 62 and over’. Are some government attendants going to come to my house and stimulate me? I’ve never been one for professional sex. I keep trying to find my innocence. I know it’s around here somewhere and suddenly, I turn into Tony from West Side Story and I am singing, ♫something’s coming any day, I will feel it right away, as soon as it shows, something’s coming and it’s going to be bad (smack), good, (kiss), bad (smack), no, wait, goooood (kiss) ♫.!” Uh, I don’t know, apparently good and bad have relatives and it’s all in the family by degrees of association and six degrees of separation and “Hello, Kevin Bacon”.

I had this idea for a graphic of the twin towers, maybe that guy Dees, over at Rense could do it. It shows the devil lying on his stomach. He is engaged in a sexual act with The Woman and he is munching carpet, which turns out to be the controlled demolition of Building 7 that is the location and the pubic hair. He is looking right at you and his hands come around the lady and they are posed with the twin towers as the middle finger on each and he is like one of those Hindu or Buddhist demons and he has four arms, so the other two hands have puppet strings upon which dance the players who were engaged in the action. I don’t know, maybe Dick Cheney is one of his earrings and Barak, or Zelikow, or Silverman is one of the others. I guess he could have nose rings too. He could be all gothed up like Jim Baker’s son in his punk ministry supermarket. Somebody ought to do something like it.

I took exception to a commentary by Gilad Atzmon a week or so ago and I don’t feel like I was out of line but I note that he is saying some really good things and they need to be said and more power to him on that account. I’ll admit to an amount of paranoia about controlled opposition but a lot of the time people are just doing the best that they can under the circumstances as far as they can see how to go. Everybody can’t be like me and just say shit like they got nothing to lose, cause most people do have something to lose and I will bet I do too but that doesn’t stop me. It comes back to that God thing which I used to not be able to talk about in real time all the time but I can now.

I also note the lack of proliferation of Patrick Willis’s beautiful work on The World Declaration of Independence from Criminal Israel, so I will do my own proliferating (grin). You know, I stopped submitting my work to a site because I felt like I had to tailor what I said so it wasn’t too spiritual. I never said anything bad about the webmaster. Now I’m getting complaints from people about trying to get the spoken dialogues put up. It’s a cold, cold world baby and all the colder when you didn’t do anything wrong. Okay, enough of that.

What have we got? We got lots of rocks and hard places. We got the devil and the deep blue sea. We got oceans of ignorance and Mr. Apocalypse is tapping on the guano crust with his walking stick. He’s humming to himself, as he occasionally breaks the crust and some of that, definitely not hot cherry pie, smell comes up and he’s humming, ♫smells like something crawled down in there and died and I’m not going to want fries with that♫.

Nothing rings more prophetic and pertinent in the moment than that poem by Yeats about the second coming. We be there and it is interesting to note, the world wide social networking that is exponentially emergent in tandem, with whatever it is that is waiting in the alley around the corner of this world at this time.

Ladies and Gentlemen and those of you in transition, as I look out upon this vast sea of faces today, I see myself and that scares the shit out of me (quick! visible, put that shit in a test tube.. ”oh no, my brutha, I will be smoking this). Sometimes, I feel like one of those characters from “The Dark Crystal”, one of those Podlings that are trying to put the shard back in the crystal. Everything is broken and now, what does one do? On my account the seas are relatively tranquil, though rather pedestrian and dull, given the plodding redundancies that abound around and keep going through the motions because of an addiction to the familiar and I am podling like a Podling after that dark crystal and there are bad guys. There are always bad guys, or maybe it’s just the opposition, depends on how you see it but it’s a factor none the less and sometimes that is the exigent point.

“Excuse me, visible, do you have a point”? “Oh, sorry, must have had some kind of a relapse. I found this riveting. It’s been several years since I have heard this man speak and you have to go all the way back to when the Bush machine stole the first election when it comes to Gerta, who didn’t even know how to part her hair then; or was that on purpose? Maybe that is all just more smoke and mirrors. It’s divide and conquer or united we stand. It is, “Don’t tread on me”, and also certain that the blood of tyrants shall water the liberty tree. You’ll want to shower afterwards.

As I was writing this, I had to pause because I felt an enormous shift and change in the whole world for about ten minutes, I just sat here and said to myself, “something is happening, right now. It may not come out immediately or maybe it will but it is happening at the moment I am in… all kinds of fates that were uncertain are now no longer uncertain. Some kind of twist has come upon the scene. Maybe I’ve been in the saucer pod too long. I don’t know. It is definitely the time, on this warm and embracing equinoctial day, to run through the woods with the hounds.

Let us hope that those of us who are meant to be the guardians; guidons,, wayshowers and functioning plenipotentiaries of the coming age do not get caught up in their own celebrity out of the starting blocks, where we become enthralled with the power of our own presence over the greater importance of the message, where the messenger becomes more important that the message; to see those who bring the truth as somehow equally as important as the truth, none of us are or ever shall be, unless you are the word made flesh, which is rare in most times and near invisible in these.

When people preempt the one who gives them voice and then silence the ones who call attention to the one, we’re all in trouble. The standard bearer cannot be greater than the standard or maybe you need to go read Thanatopsis., or Ozymandias. There are some interesting similarities in the names, in respect of size, content and statuary rape. We need to not only keep things in perspective but ourselves in perspective because either can affect the other.

Yes, I am all over the map (there’s a map?) and I suppose it is one of those potpourri Sundays; eclectic and eccentric walk into a bar and so on and so forth and I am doing this because this is precisely what the mass media is doing and has been doing for the last several day, which is always a sign that they are about to hoist a false flag over some unfortunate location. When you study Nitwit-Yahoo’s format and features you see the psychopathic intransigence of his being and you see the neutered housecat that is pitching him the Nerf balls.

When those who are inclined to harm, have no inclination to cease from causing harm and when the harm that they have caused, is the cause of the conditions in which they find themselves compelled to do ever more egregious harm, you know that harm is on the menu prix fixe. When those who are being harmed are too stupid to get out of harm’s way or too deep in denial to sense the location of the harm being done, then both awakening and realization are on the menu a la carte. It does no good to talk about it and any solutions that exist and which might ameliorate the situation are not under consideration. The same old same old has to keep delivering the same old train load until the same old same old turns into something new and it is about to.

We are in the event horizon. We are right where the blue arrow is pointing on the bus map at the bus stop. We are at whatever point we have brought ourselves to at this point and there’s nothing more to say except, “there you jolly well aren’t, aren’t you”? …In the words of the immortal Lord Buckley. So be aware and be off to the side of the main event because sometimes it is a lot better to watch it happen than to be part of the action. Nothing anyone can say or do is going to change the course of things now but, then again, I don’t know, do I?

End Transmission…….

Radio show tonight, see the link for time and location.

Apologies for this not being up to my usual standard but there’s a good reason for everything as we shall see.


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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