We Will Miss Joe Vialls More Than We Know

Joe Vialls may well turn out to be the most important writer who has yet written on the Internet. Thanks to his astonishing intelligence connections and the depth of his knowledge about the worldwide Zionist menace, Joe was able to incisively analyze and predict the likely course of world affairs in these troubled times to a startling degree that both terrified corrupt government officials and shocked compromised journalists all over the world. With his instant classics about false flag bombings and the depraved atrocities of the power elite, Joe set standards for insight, context and detail that all other writers in the world who desire to tell the truth and root out the criminals who wish to enslave us can only hope to emulate in their wildest dreams. I am more than proud to be one of the few writers whose work Joe chose to include on his website (and proud, too, that Mideast peace warrior Dr. Annie Higgins is the other). The real value of this remarkable man was that he saw what he had to do and did it, and in doing so, shined a piercing light on the mechanics of tyranny that even now threatens to destroy everything decent people hold dear. We have been given adequate warning that if we don’t penetrate the veil of the villains’ mindlock on mainstream culture, we will all be destroyed. And no one has delivered that warning more clearly and convincingly than Joe Vialls. We all must work much harder now that he’s gone, but his archive of stories provides a fertile syllabus for our defense against the conscienceless monsters of soulless capitalism.

I salute you, Joe. Thank you for your guidance. I hope some of us can live up to the standards you set, because most surely can’t.

John Kaminski
Englewood, Florida, USA


We can only concur with the above. Joe Vialls was one of the pioneers of Internet journalism and his work embodied all that it stood for: independent, penetrating and sometimes a little quirky it was nonetheless always hugely entertaining. His contributions to this website will be sorely missed as he was often able to make sense of situations that left other commentators at a loss.

Joe Vialls was truly a great investigative journalist and to ensure his legacy remains: this website is in the process of permanently archiving all his contributions.

Finally, we have been informed by Joe’s family and friends that a major announcement in will be posted on vialls.com and vialls.net about the condolences and his wesite in the next couple of weeks. Ed.