The Voice of the White House July 18, 2005

“Here I am, sticking a sharp pencil into the ear of our God-Given Protectors! I am referring to the little bit I sent out on the computer hacking in your last issue. Roars of fury from various sources, some of which penetrated into the Fag Palace here and which I have gleefully been listening to. Well, there will be official silence, for the time being, on this but I stumbled onto an interesting study, which I will have sent on to selected members of Congress and the sterling mainline media of the United States. In short, what I said last time about interdiction, invasion and clandestine looting of the websites of foreign governments and banks has been going on for some time. There is an ongoing struggle, at very high levels, between the newly cleansed DHS [National Cyber Security Division (NCSD)] and the ultra secret NSA over such break-ins. The DHS sub agency responsible for this is called the IIA or the Internal Intelligence Agency and is credited with completely illegal invasions of not only private computers in America but also very high level diplomatic systems located at the various embassies inside the Beltway…those people out on Massachusetts Avenue’s embassy row get all kinds of kind attentions from “telephone” repairmen and other pleasant types but most of the dirty work is done all the way across the continent.

Targeted inside the United States are anti-Bush websites and the personal emails of those running them, businesses that are not friendly to the President, financial institutions that might be involved with financing individuals or projects looked upon with disfavor by the Bush/Rove gang and anyone disliked by senior members of DHS to include relatives, personal enemies, ex-wives and so on. There is <>absolutely no oversight<> to this crew whatsoever and they have even been known to look into senior officers at the Pentagon that do not 100% support Our Sacred President’s Dreams of Empire. It is rumored, from otherwise reliable sources inside the Beltway, that these snoops have even gotten into the computer systems of Guckert/Gannon types to see if there might be future trouble for the Head Chimpanzee. In the course of their poking, they apparently came across Certain Very Sensitive Names and by all accounts, are planning to use this to increase both their power and budget. Exactly what the late Colonel John Edgar Hoover used to do.”

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