Joe Vialls Passed Away Today

It is with great sadness that I pass on to you the information that my friend Joe Vialls passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last night in Perth Western Australia after a period of illness.

His wife Marilyn rang me early this morning to tell me the sad news. I was very surprised as I talked to him only a few days ago and he said he felt a little better.
As we all know Joe made a large contribution to Internet Journalism, in an effort to reveal the truth that the media fails to print.

The irony is that about 5 years ago I suggested to Joe that he get onto the net. He replied ‘ what on earth would I do on the Internet’? The rest is history, he got on the net and found his place there.

Farewell Joe – at this very moment he’s probably checking behind Gods throne to see if the Mossad are there!

We who knew him will miss him greatly.

Mike Macaulay.
Perth Western Australia.

Website Note

Readers are advised to save Joe’s articles for in the months and weeks ahead we can expect attempts to remove them. Joe Vialls was one of the foremost independent journalists of his time. In his own unique way his outstanding investigative work made him a thorn in the side of the powers that be.

Unlike most mainstream media journalists, Joe was a genuinely independent journalist and investigator, while his insight and knowledge, coupled with contacts within the security services, made him one of the most outstanding journalists of his time.

For those wishing to send messages of support and condolence to the family and friends of one of the great names in Internet journalism, you can email:

Finally, we have been informed by Joe’s family and friends that a major announcement in will be posted on and about the condolences and his wesite in the next couple of weeks.