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Visible Origami – September 23, 2011

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May your noses always be hoses when need be.

Well then cats and kitties, we are here in the origami once more and therefore?  Let me address several things within the context of the same thing because ultimately everything is the same thing at some point, until it becomes everything else, while still being the same thing. You’ll have to check the Vedas and other scriptures for authentication of that but I think I am correct in the main.

Several different people have wanted me to read a book that purports to make possible the construction of The Philosophers Stone, presumably out of one’s own urine, as opposed to what has been evidenced in occasional historical events, such as the demonstration of Paracelsus, when he lifted off the top of a chaffing dish to expose one of his turds and then declared it to be ‘the first matter’. It’s all waste products so maybe they are good to go on both ends

Visible has perused the tomes of Thomas Vaughn, Basil Valentine, Cornelius Agrippa and many others along the way. He’s informed of the ten stages of things like dissolution and putrefaction, the latter of which might speak to the book in question and the bowel movements of Paracelsus. He considered having ‘solve et coagula’ tattooed on his forearm (but the devil had that tattoo already) in place of the blue rose decorated with ‘inshallah’, in contradiction of the rituals and routines of The Prophet and which looks like ‘inch Allan now. “Who’s Inch Allan”? “Huh”? “He’s on your arm”. Never mind.

As it so happens, the consuming passion of Frater Visible’s life is The Great Work. As far as Frater Visible has managed to understand it, this is all a result of the awakened kundalini. I don’t care if you call it The Operation of the Sun, The Great Work, The Alchemical Marriage, The Philosopher’s Stone or The Pearl of Great Price, just don’t call, me Ray-gun. Let’s look at it as The Pearl of Great Price in respect of Visible’s own efforts, even though they are all the same thing.

Let me mention, right off, that if you could just distill and process your urine into the Universal Medicine by following the instructions in a book, that book would have been out long ago and in the same easy to understand language. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s parade; heck, maybe that’s okay, you’ll just transform it into aqua vitale. If this were so then the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds wouldn’t need to see pricey Swiss doctors. That said’ there is and there are many a curious thing(s) lying about and simulacrums abound.

Back to the Pearl of Great Price; this is to be considered as the grain of sand that gets into an oysters shell and which creates an ‘irritation’ that causes the oyster to build a pearl around it, or out of it or somehow… This irritation can also be thought of as craving and would parallel those things said by Lao Tzu and Ramana Maharshi about cutting back on unnecessary and pointless craving or considering, “who am I”? Right here you have all the necessary materials for the whole ‘she’bang. Messing about with test tubes and paraphernalia is going to take you places like those specialty stores that sell the metal racks that people hang themselves from, in search of the message of The Sundance as per our Native American traditions. It goes without saying that people will go to any lengths and extremes to get it; whatever ‘it’ is; be it the orgasm of all orgasms ending in death rapture from a closet doorknob or becoming Zanoni (Bulwer Lytton) or sitting in a place of peace and contemplating the ineffable. You want highways? We got highways and lowways too. We got up and down and back around and money in the bank.

One shouldn’t\t assume that I have done or thought about all of these possibilities. I am capable of learning by proxy when I observe someone jumping off of a roof or doing whatever they do and taking a lesson from it. Some things you learn by experience and some things you learn through reason and observation… or you don’t.

Frater Visible has had this irritation for a long time. He did not get this irritation in this one lifetime. It has progressed and continues to consume the host with the imperative of it’s importance over every other consideration. This has caused Frater Visible to not gladly tolerate fools but to allow some leeway for any and all of the rest of us that are climbing that spiral staircase because he knows it is bad form and dirty pool to piss over the railing; but you’ll just turn that into the Universal Medicine so never mind. Maybe I don’t have to be diplomatic after all. I’ll bet there are people who actually think I hate the Jews. The way I see it, any Jew in his or her right mind knows better and that’s the only opinion that would count with me in any case. And I can make a case against Arabs, Eskimos and aliens if I want to but I don’t want to. I will leave that capacity on an ice flow in the Arctic Circle for perambulating polar bears.

This irritation occurs in the mind and processes itself in the body, which is why incarnation and a human birth are so important and why the spider is so powerful as well. To break the web one needs the assistance of The Spidermeister. The primary force that makes it possible for you to even be in a position to consider making the Philosopher’s Stone or the Pearl of Great Price is the main player. You are along for the ride, just like Arjuna in Krishna’s chariot. Interestingly, MS Word couldn’t find Arjuna just now and it got red underlined. Krishna did not get the red underline. That pretty much sums it up.

All through history, bad guys have been trying to part the veils. What occurs here in the planetary sense is all dependent upon the Yuga in which it occurs. Whether we are in times of darkness or a time of light is the determinant of our status quo and degree of difficulty. The bad guys know that there is a god and they want to steal the secrets of Heaven. This is always going on more or less and it is supposed to be because life is performance and for the purpose of demonstrating itself. Conditions vary according to the degrees of light. Argue all you want, that’s how it is. People who argue against the eternal verities and conditions of all things are basically arguing for and against themselves. The self in question is the problem and that is why the self is a question that only experience can answer and it comes down to how long you can take it and how satisfied you are with where you are that determines position and movement and results. It’s all under control. If you don’t think so then you are, to some degree, out of control.

The key to the subject under discussion here is more about sex than it is waste products. I’m not saying you can’t come up with some marvelous inventions by playing with shit and piss, that’s a given. Drinking your own urine at certain times is a very effective ayurvedic remedy for general well being. What I am saying is that you will not make ‘the’ stone, or ‘the’ pearl or complete The Great Work or the Alchemical Marriage or The Operation of the Sun by meddling about in books or laboratories since you are the book and laboratory. You may come up with something interesting, one never knows but you will not accomplish these things that way cause that isn’t how it happens; that much of it I do know because I am engaged in it and have gone past that. It is the supreme passion of this life and most likely others as well.

I’ve clearly outlined various approaches to the thing at this site over the years. Make of it what you will and by all means, do your own thing. I can only report what I have discovered up to the moment and that is that I am a tool engaged in learning how to operate myself, as I was meant to be operated. Look at the world and note how the other tools are doing and whose hands they are in.

This irritation gives me no peace. It is why I write these words, they are a product of that irritation and so is my conversation and I am an irritation as the people who visit me know because just about everyone wants to talk about something else and most people think something else is something else and they all have a makeshift delivery system with variations on a theme by Monty Python. I work for The Ministry of Walks and I’m not telling you to walk this way. Shit happens. We are ‘the shit’ in every sense of the word and deep is as deep does and to each according to their intensity and talents don’t bury them in the ground, the ‘talents’ I mean. Because someone is going to come around and see what you did with them and they want their interest. It’s an investment after all. We are all investors in something so, what profited it that you should gain the whole world and lose your only soul?

I think that is the last chapter of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World. I’ll leave you with a poignant and pressing expression of something that is telling on many levels if you think about it. In the meantime, me and Lenny Bruce will continue to piss in the sink and you can turn that into rapture if you want to.

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