Something Evil This Way Comes?

Reports coming in to this website paint a very different version of events in London on July 7, to that being told by officialdom and the mainstream media. For its part the media has described how the four bombers rendezvoused at Luton Station before dispersing to their designated targets. And substantiating this: how police have found a car parked at Luton with traces of explosives in it used by the bombers.

Adding to the spin the Sunday Times reports today that Mohammed Sidique Khan, a 30-year-old teaching assistant from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, came under scrutiny last year but was judged not to be a threat by MI5.

Indirectly, this will add to calls for a security clampdown and more powers for the security establishment.

Yet commuters who passed through Luton on the day of the actual bombings, inform us that trains through the station were being cancelled or sent back from whence they came, at around the time the bombers are reported to have passed through, an hour before the actual bomb blasts.

Bus service employees have already described as “rubbish” claims that all 4 cameras on the bombed bus could have failed, as London Transport authorities maintain.

Now commuters who travelled through one of the underground stations attacked, Kings Cross, have emailed this website describing scenes of chaos and confusion before the actual bombings, the result London Transport staff explained, of problems with power surges and signal malfunctions.

One commuter explained that as she was about to board a train the public address system announced that commuters should leave the station immediately because of power surges. Instead, she jumped on the train and got off at the next station.

Had she not done so, she believes that she too might have ended up on the bombed bus, along with other commuters, as she left the station and caught the bus instead.

Along with drills to simulate bombings on the London Underground on the day of the actual bombings, the fact that the head of London’s transport system is a former CIA Executive Director and warnings about attacks on London’s transport system from Israeli intelligence (or given to Israeli intelligence, depending on which version you believe), all the indications point to the Underground bombings being a covert black op with the mainstream media playing its part by ignoring stories at odds with the official line.

But to what end?

CCTV footage of the alleged bombers passing through Luton Station

From Kings Cross to Armageddon?

The events of September 11th 2001 helped pave the way for the invasion of Afghanistan and that ultimately led to the current quagmire in Iraq. Right now we cannot say with any certainty where the events of July 7th are heading but something is definitely in the offing.

Residents near Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the US report tremendous activity there, far more so than usual. Coupled with this we are informed that all leave has been cancelled at some US military bases and with the construction of a huge US military base in Israel, scheduled to be operational by September, something big is looming in the months ahead.

So if something is looming, you might ask, where will it happen? Just as the events of 9/11 led to Afghanistan and Iraq, we would suggest that the horrors of 7/7/05 are intended to lead to another war somewhere in the Middle East. Like they say, stay tuned.

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