London Transport Network Controlled by Known CIA Agent

The man with overall responsibility for public transport in London, the Commissioner and Chairman of London Transport, Bob Kiley, is a former CIA operative and is known to have worked directly for the Director of US Intelligence. The man responsible for London Underground, Managing Director Tim O’Toole, another wealthy American executive, reports directly to ex-CIA man Bob Kiley. There is an old addage in the intelligence community: “once CIA, always CIA.”

According to Transport For London, “Chief officers”.

The Commissioner Bob Kiley (chair)

“Early in his career, he was with the CIA, where he served as Manager of Intelligence Operations and then as Executive Assistant to the Director.”

Robert Kiley is a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Board Member of the Salzburg International Seminar, the American Repertory Theater, MONY Group Inc, the Princeton Review Inc and Edison Schools, Inc. He is also on the Advisory Board of the Harvard University Center for State and Local Government.”

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