Soviet WMDs Possibly Hidden in U.S. — Report

New evidence suggests that Soviet agents could have concealed nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction inside the United States and other Western countries.

Polish and Czech officials told the U.S. authorities of the possible existence of Russian “suitcase nukes” in New York City soon after the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks, the WorldNetDaily website wrote quoting a report by Gordon Thomas and former CIA operative David M. Dastych.

The report says Al Qaida is determined to find those WMD and use them with the help of bribed Russian spies or special forces soldiers who have maintained their secret locations for all these years. U.S intelligence services could not find the weapons soon after the 2001 attacks but later they became concerned about efforts by terrorists to buy off former Soviet and current Russian agents with knowledge of the weapons.

Reporter, author of several books and former FBI consultant Paul L. Williams had earlier published a report on how Al Qaida had purchased some post-Soviet mini-nukes and hired Russians to help them operate those weapons.

Thomas and Dastych also report that Britain’s MI5 had identified 32 spies of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service operating under full diplomatic cover from their London embassy. The spies reportedly have links to deep-cover KGB agents who, during the Cold War, hid scores of genetically engineered biological warfare weapons in Britain’s countryside. MI5 believes the Russian spies are still actively concealing the locations of the germ vials.

Former KGB spymaster Alexander Kuzminov, quoted by the website, confirmed his agents planted the vials. He, too, believed Russian agents are still involved in guarding them. “Huge efforts and money was spent in our work,” he explained. “It would be foolish to believe our people were stood down just because Russia took part in biological weapons talks in Geneva.”


While we do not dispute the above, we would like to add the perspective of a psychic friend in South Africa. It was he who first spoke of an American invasion of Iraq, and the dire consequencies that would ensue, years before the actual invasion.

Now he says, the Anglo-American elite and their Zionist allies have their eyes on Iran but they are veiwing it rather more as a long term objective.

Regarding the US military base in Israel, he says that this is part of the long-term plan. The UK/US/Zionist elite have come to some sort of tacit agreement with Iran, therby allowing it to make billions from its oil, before they actually strike.

However in the short term, the bomb-blasts in London are part of an altogether different agenda, he says: “Part of a plan to keep Tony Blair in power”.

Regarding the bomb blasts he notes that: “The devices were old, they’ve been there for a long-time…the detonators are of British and American origin…. this will be apparent from the serial numbers”

More ominiously he continued: “Nuclear devices have also been set-up in both Britain and the US but the uranium has become depleted. Now they are looking ways to use them as dirty bombs.”

In other words, while the devices may have been placed during the Cold War, their whereabouts may be now known and may have been known all along by the ruling elite, who are simply waiting for the right moment to use them to further their own agenda. Ed.