Voice of the White House July 10, 2005

“The “terrorist” attacks in London recently reek like a dead mackerel in the moonlight. It is a topic We Do Not Discuss in the Monkey Palace for very obvious reasons. Bush and Blair are suffering from meltdown. If Blair is booted out as PM, Bush would lose his most powerful ally so suddenly, another “terrorist” attack, coincidentally, just as the two liars are holding an “important” conference in Scotland (far away from any possible injury) and both rushed to the microphones to reaffirm their determination to pursue the “war on terrorism.” As it is doubtful in the extreme that the honest and competent British authorities (at least not the Blair gang) would ever do such a vicious act for political gain, the suspicions here inside the Beltway is that the Porter Goss band of trained attack dwarves have struck again. Here is some additional input for your readers to chew on:

* There was NO CHATTER detected by MI5 or MI6 preceding the blasts. The present working hypothesis is that this means the perps were British homeboys, but it could equally plausibly be because the perps were CIA. Reasons:

* High explosive is extraordinarily difficult to obtain in the UK by members of the public without “connections.” There is no mining and blasting. Military installations are under impenetrable security since the IRA campaigns of years past. The source had to be either an IRA connection (they have stockpiles of explosive) which is highly unlikely – the IRA does not involve itself with other people’s issues – or a government/military connection. We may rule out the UK government/military – it is a highly socially cohesive country and no official would condone such an action. This leaves a foreign government/military. If it was one of the usual suspects (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria) there would almost certainly have been detectable chatter. That leaves an unusual suspect, highly expert at undetectable communications, and acting alone – namely, the CIA.

* Concealment and import of the explosive: The British have bomb-sniffing dogs in all airports and the Chunnel trains. How do you get around that? Answer -the diplomatic bag of a “friendly” country – the USA. It is carried by a special courier with the highest of top secret clearances, bypasses all standard checks both leaving the USA and entering Britain, and goes direct to the Embassy by Embassy vehicle. A confidential package in “the bag” for the CIA station head would not be checked by ANYONE in the USA, in British security, or in the Embassy, before being delivered to him personally.

* WHY THE SMALL SIZE of the bombs already remarked upon? Because the diplomatic courier cannot carry huge amounts of weight chained to his wrist. Four packages of 10 lbs. each for the CIA station head, or eight packages of 5 lbs., over the course of a couple of weeks, is feasible. More would be difficult.

* The people of London demonstrated in their millions against the Iraq war before it began. It is also one of the most tolerant countries towards Muslims in Europe – much more so than Germany or France. Blair is widely hated for his involvement in Iraq, like Bush in the USA. Attacking the British people for the sins of their hated leader makes no sense for Muslim radicals, unless you ARE that leader – or his ally.

The Israeli Embassy was warned of the London bomb attacks, and then the story was retracted.

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