When in the Course of Human Events

Visible Origami – September 17, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

When in the course of human events (I have heard that before) it becomes necessary; seems like a good place to start. This is Origami in real time and also the blog that started it all; makes sense to me, hopefully that proliferates.

I get my news from few places. Coincidentally some of them publish my work. When I say few, you only have to look around the place here to see what I like because there isn’t much of it. I am talking about alternative news; for the mainstream, I use a Squeegee.

I have a, very few, long time, internet friendships and they have been more or less consistent and have brought me many readers, on the way, some have gone by the wayside. I tried to interact with IntelHub and Before it’s News but something went fugazy with their infrastructure and the table settings didn’t jibe with my nouvelle cuisine.  I have been a chef and a ref and I have been in the ring with hard guys and you know what happens then …and I could kill you with a fountain pen in a dual use sort of a way but I am not into that in the first place. There was a nice Norwegian guy from The People’s voice who used to print my work and we fell out over some odd dynamic where he got the impression that I was teaching people magic of the wrong flavor or simply wrong by way of revelation. I don\t know where he went, I actually liked that guy.

There was a man named Harold at a place called JustGetThere and that was a fun experience and some chapters of the forthcoming book was published there, as were many other articles over time. I feel like that is still there somewhere but I guess we lost touch and I had to put a lot of time into making things appear there when I thought I was short on time, my fault. Then there was Uruknet and the lady there got annoyed at me for a couple of predictions I made about an attack on Iran that didn’t happen and wouldn’t post me anymore, which is too bad because that readership was a good link into the hinterlands of kindred spirits. That was my fault. Then there was SOTT and I still don’t know what’s going on over there and there are no hard feelings on my part because I can only operate on what I know and remember and since I was there, I have my own take on the matter, which differs from theirs, I guess. In their defense, one has to consider that I am combustible. This is why very few people invite me to speak anywhere because I am unpredictable and uncontrollable concerning the truth as those people near Luzerne discovered and that does not imply that I didn’t carry a load of my own bullshit.

I’m one of those people that Warren Zevon was talking about in the song, my shit’s fucked up.  I think he wrote that song when he found out he was going to die of cancer after having lived a reckless highway punctuated by not even being able to show up and then clean himself up and write and sing and play like the tiger that he is and then he dies.

He was a good influence on me. I like his work. No, I’m not scheduled to check out soon, I don’t think and I don’t know. Hey! That rhymes with Rivero, which brings me to the two Rivero’s. One of them is the consummate shit sommelier and the other is the guerdon for the righteous and you can catch some of the flavor over here.

There was another Christian guy who had me on the radio. I liked him and I thought he liked me. I know the audience enjoyed our talk. Then one fell upon another and I went into the comments section, ignorantly assuming that I could make peace and now that\s gone too. All kinds of things come and go or never arrive or will show up one day but in the meantime there are a few people who post my work that I rely on and count on. It goes without saying that I would do what I do regardless of presence or pervasiveness.

I am writing this in the one blog that usually doesn’t show up at Michael’s site because I no longer send him my work and I don’t blame Michael for that, I blame myself. I found that I was cutting corners in the way I said things so that Michael would post my work. The other people who post me don’t have this problem. Michael is an atheist and I am the diametrical opposite. He is what he is and I am what I am. He’s a powerful force for good in so many ways. He is the only guy I know who comes from The Tribe and delivers the sort of things that god told the Jews they should do, which, given that it generally comes with the persona, they ignore. That is the biggest conspiracy.

Being born a Jew is an event because you get the keys to certain toys and tricks that is the summation of that circumstance that we are coming upon a conundrum that cannot endure. Probably Michael and I should wife swap because my consort is the same way as he is. We live in interesting times. We do indeed. My only problem with Michael is that you can’t cock block god. The question is religion and it has killed as many people as money, greed and lust has killed, relativity speaking,

The cycling of reincarnation shows us that when the blind lead the blind on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth we will have a lot of blind dead guys gumming each other to death in total darkness; not the best idea for a sensory deprivation chamber is it?

I wish people could sort their laundry beforehand. The reason that they don’t is the cause of their being taken to the showers in the first place with the make believe gas and the lice did not get the punchline. We had Photoshop way before there was photoshop and there is no we in we but, yes, there is.

Rivero is a unique and rare comestible and we share the same reckless disregard for the tools who think they run the place. It’s a shame about our wives (grin). However, I have to make the declaration that Michael Rivero does believe in god and profoundly so. Otherwise he would not have the stones, the currency or the courage to do what he does so… maybe it is just a contradiction of terms, a baby and the bathwater thing Any fool can see that there is a power that inspires and interferes to the point that well, either they left the lights on and no one is home or it’s dark and crowded. I don’t know which.

There’s something funny going on somewhere because you can’t hit all the right notes and then miss the root tone. He say’s “ah” and I say “om”? So why am I saying this? Because I am a ‘head them off at the pass’ kind of a guy. I like to be on the other side of the bridge when it burns. I’m just not going to tailor my work according to certain guidelines. I’m doing my own apocalypse on myself and there ain’t nobody else.

I could see where this might blow up into an international incident but I am heading it off at the pass. I’ll just write what I write, god willing (grin).

The thing about god is that I met him in person. He was Krishna, Buddha, Christ, I don’t know. You can be sure when it is the man himself in the brimming fullness of his being and as it so happens there are witnesses. Life went on along the supernatural train tracks of my life.  A few months later former congressman John Hall, from NY. Along with some other musicians went off to a house in the woods in Virginia owned by a Col. Jones, whose son Terry ran off to Canada to become a folk singer, when my kundalini rose and it was never the same between us after that. He told his parents that I was wanted by the police and they came and took me from his home with spotlights and drawn guns. Coincidentally, Douglas Hume, brother of Brit Hume, went all the way from D.C. to Big Sur to confirm that I had met the man on the beach that day. It was at Lime Kiln Creek, summer ’67. He ran into a man named Donovan who wanted to string a bell across the valley and he corroborated the meeting but all of these details are explained in earlier postings.

I’m a pretty interesting conspiracy myself, Michael. I know this post is brief with no backup but that’s why I have God as my excuse, catchall and solution. It’s all explained in Tom Wait’s “Step Right Up

I’m sure this will amuse dismay and fascinate a handful. I just hope I didn’t piss anybody off.

End Transmission…….


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