False Flag Day of Danger

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For September 16, 2011

Webster Tarpley wrote on 9th September that the probability of a large-scale False Flag attack is increasing as a European banking panic looms.

Well, European leaders met today (16th Sept.), Timothy Geithner turned up to apply some friendly encouragement, numerous participants were reported as saying “time is short”, yet it looks like there is no ‘solution’ in sight. The can has been kicked down the road and the meeting will reassemble in October.

We all know that European leaders have a serious political problem as well as a financial one. The obvious and usual solution is for them to arrange for us to hand out more money (guaranteeing the repayment of impossible debt to the bond-holding banks who own the Greek national debt)…..followed, presumably, by a bail-out of all the other impossibly debt-ridden economies, which includes (as far as I can make out) just about every country in the western world, bar Germany.

Their problem is that they know that the public will stand for no more of this.

If they try to pull that stroke again now there is a dangerously high probability that most European governments will be driven from office by Christmas.

The financial masters like to stay in control.

Their system is designed to collapse but it must collapse in a manner that brings these people ever more power. The string-pulling, degenerate, murdering oligarchs who control our national governments want it all……

…..and, there is some evidence to suggest that they intend to do away with a very large number of us in the process of getting it.

World wide uprisings and the consequent extinction of current banking institutions is definitely not their plan.

The next step MUST be a crisis that overshadows the current financial problems and ultimately affords the globalist elite the opportunity to enforce their centralising agenda.

It is impossible that anything can perform such a purpose other than a massive false-flag attack or some demented military initiative that will inevitably kick off the long-dreaded world war.

Many people who pay attention and have some understanding of the templates that the globalist psychopaths work to are now expecting a major event on the scale of 9/11 or bigger that will, once again, ‘change everything’.

Millions of people increasingly understand these criminals.

In the coming weeks we will be holding our collective breath.

Can we second guess them?

Watch the drills. Watch the magic numbers. Watch out for extraordinary news items like the bomb that “went missing” during a DHS live drill at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. Might it even be possible, as the man who led the US moon landings project, Werner Von Braun, predicted…..that our ‘final enemy’, the Aliens, will make an appearance? (Von Braun listed the sequence of ‘enemies’…..”after the Soviets there will be ‘terrorism’ then ‘aliens’ and it will all be lies.”)

We know that the networks that carry out these crimes are very keen on leaving a signature to their handiwork. Much has been written of the occult numerology that is always connected to state-sponsored outrages.

The first day of danger to watch out for is next Tuesday 20/09/2011 (20+9+2+1+1=33)
or writing it as 20/09/11 (2+9+1+1=13)

Silly though it feels writing about such things, this aspect of False-Flag criminality should not be ignored.

These people are Satanists after all.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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