Dark Secrets of the 7/7 Attacks

To those of us aware of how the true sources of terror in the world operate, it’s clear to see the political and numerological importance behind the July 7 terror attack in London, and if you read on you will understand why this looks so suspicious. Many of these people are members of satanic secret societies, and are deeply involved in the new age movement and numerology, and their main goal is a “New World Order”, with them in charge. On this level there are several instances in recent history that these forces have used numerological signals to send to each other.

Of course the 9-11 attacks have a HUGE number of signals related to numerology. They occurred exactly 11 years to the day after President George Bush Senior gave a major address to Congress entitled, “Toward A New World Order”. That address was on September 11, 1990. Precisely 11 years to the day later, American Airlines Flight 11 started the attacks of 9-11-2001 when it slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. The towers, of course, symbolized a huge 11 over the skies of New York. The Pentagon was modeled after the satanic symbol of the pentagram. Another fact about the Pentagon is that it’s ground breaking ceremony, and beginning of construction, took place on SEPTEMBER 11th 1941. Why is the Number `11′ important? Occultists believe it is an important number of the coming Antichrist. God assigns the Number `11′ to Antichrist in Daniel 7:7-8.

How does this relate to London? The date of course was 7/7. Also the year is 2005, 7/7/2005: 7/7/2+0+0+5: 7/7/7 = 777. Also the number the Bible gives the beast from the pit is 666. If you add: 666+111=777.

All of this fits far too neatly into their satanic number code. If you recall it was flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon. Multiples of 11 are often used by these satanists to send out a secret signal to each other in instances like these, almost like some kind of demonic smoke signal. If you recall; there were 911 days BETWEEN the day of the 9/11 Attacks and the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings on March 11, (again the 11). Why is the Number `11′ important? Occultists believe it is an important number of the coming Antichrist. God assigns the Number `11′ to Antichrist in Daniel 7:7-8.

On the political side you have the fact that the day before these attacks in London, London was awarded the 2012 Olympics. There were massive celebrations in London. Also, the G8 Summit was being held in nearby Scotland, where Bush, Blair, Putin and the rest of the globalist lizards were assembled. What better timing for them to grandstand and attempt to unify the nations of the world in one big happy globalist family, to present a ‘united front against terror’. Of course the objective here is to ramp up the wildly unpopular waste of lives and money called the ‘War Against Terror’. This would also enable them to instill fear in the minds of a public already getting fed up with their police state tactics, and give them a pretext to give Big Brother a much needed boost in the arm.

From Nero burning Rome, to Hitler burning the Reichstag. From Pearl Harbor to Oklahoma City, and of course the attack on 9-11, the history of tyrannical governments allowing or committing acts of terrorism on their own peoples and institutions to gain more control over them, and to justify globalist wars to fund the international war machine, is well documented. And now we have the 7-7 attacks to add to the list. The murder and mayhem in London is almost certainly just one more example of governments using mass terrorism as a psychological tool for political purposes.