On the Cusp of the Moment of the Tightening Vise

Visible Origami – September 14, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Today is Wednesday, the 14th of September and Tuesday coming, is the the 20th of September. In the 6 days of approach to the 20th, we may likely see some surprising, terrible and transformative actions on the part of those who presume to be running the show. One certain motivation, is the certain recognition of the Palestinian state, according to borders not acceptable to the nation of Rothschildlandia, which was illegally created and situated in a place where it has no historical precedent for existence. The arguments for it are all based on false and fabricated history.

Another motivation is that those who presume to be running the show have messed things up beyond all recognition and need an escape valve to cover their tracks, as they seek to make their getaway or go into a fortress mentality, as they endeavor to wipe out significant portions of the populace. This latter is already in operation in many locations but hasn’t come to the kind of massive, genocidal outrages they have in mind for the dénouement.

If there were ever a time that one could make a safe prediction, concerning possible trends, this would be that period. If the world is not rattled and shaken on its foundations in the next few days, it can only be attributed to the hand of the cosmos as the factor of restraint in play.

I don’t need to now itemize and list all of the conditions and features that are also attendant in respect of the tightening vise of the times. The reader is familiar with these things. Most of us have known for some time that, sooner or later, there would be that moment where the global excrescence hit the whirling mechanism in a really big way.

I close my eyes and seek to penetrate the surrounding darkness with the bookending lights of my reasoning intellect and intuition. I can’t see anything and I don’t feel anything either, outside of the usual heavy weather that has been the hallmark of recent years. A student of physics knows that you can only apply so much pressure in a confined space before something happens, either to the contents within or to that which contains them. This is true in the world without, just as it is true in the personal worlds of those who deal with increasing stress until something has to give.

We know that the stress and pressure are being intentionally generated by those in control of the political and economic spheres. They want to create a situation that will compel a reaction and then they can apply their solution, according to the principles of the Hegelian dialectic. Most readers know, or believe that there is a guiding consciousness that permeates all time, space and circumstance. We may not understand it but we know it is there. For my part, I know it is also in charge of all things at all times and always will be. I could spend some time discussing the ways in which this control operates but often seems to be hands off, however, that is a short run perspective. It is also true that we don’t recognize divine control because it often runs counter to our ambitions and desires. When things are not what we want them to be and don’t go in the direction we want them to, we fault the cosmos, or just assume it is indifferent or absent in any involved way.

The key to discovering higher truth, or the actual nature of an archetype, lies in having no presumptions or preconceptions about what they are or what they do. You have to approach them on their terms, not yours. This is where most people run afoul of reality. For most people, reality has to fit their dimensions of it and in a certain way it does, right up until it encounters reality.

One approaching these things and all related cosmic principles must also- forever keep in mind- the limitations of the mind in respect of complete comprehension. We don’t know very much and we never will know very much and any idea to the contrary is an unfortunate state of being that will encounter the truth of this at some point. People get out of wack in the act of knowing. We don’t know. If we are in fortunate aspect to the divine then we are permitted to know what we need to know, for as long as we need to know it, or until it is changed into something else. One should think in terms of two poles that presuppose a third pole that presupposes a forth pole and so on and so on. The deeper you go, the more you see things that are not present on the surface, even if the depths and the surface are the same after a fashion. You’ll have to read your Lao Tzu to see what he says about that. He’s the authority on these things, at least according to me. There are any numbers of real authorities and one can get some kind of understanding from any of them but I opt for simplicity and clarity doesn’t hurt either, even when it isn’t entirely clear and never will be; not while you are mortal and not while you are human.

People toil and suffer and engage in endless conflict on all planes of existence, due to ignorance and desire. Absent these motivators, one exists in another state entirely. It doesn’t much matter what the conditions of the world are at any time, so long as you are being operated and motivated by ignorance and desire. People seeking to understand themselves and the world around them need look no further than ignorance and desire and remember the maxim of The Buddha who said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire”. I think most people don’t separate ignorance and desire from the maxim when they hear it but that might make it more understandable if they did, or maybe not (grin).

If you want out of this fix then you must attend to the pressures of ignorance and desire within, if you hope to militate against their effect on you without. This has to be accomplished in tandem with aspiration and surrender. Aspiration is important because it lifts you toward that which is not acting from ignorance or desire. Surrender is important because it allows for you to come into the mind of the one who is in a state of liberation from these twin deficits. In a time of darkness, only devotion is going to work expediently. All the other rituals and routines are compromised and often perverted by the darkness of the times, unless you have personal access to the unpolluted springs from which they come. These are present in the secret places of Nature and yourself. Finding them is an art that is seldom (if ever) accomplished on your own.

In times of more light and less darkness, these springs are not so hidden and these rituals and routines have a greater force and authenticity. In times of greater darkness, our own minds are in conflict with our capacity to see and interpret. This is why devotion, or the path of Bhakti, is recommended and also more attended by those who provide assistance.

Those who have no solid base or contact with the primary mover are going to become increasingly aware of this. Those who have some degree of base or contact are also going to be made increasingly aware of this. Whatever you may experience or be put through is part and parcel of your awakening. There is a big difference between dancing with and working against or resisting this. As the quote (often used humorously) goes, “resistance is futile”.

Wherever you find yourself is an expression of whom and what you are in respect of what truly is. What truly is is a liberating force. Its whole intent is to free you from wherever you find yourself so that you can actually find yourself. Working contrary to this, such as locking your arms through the bars of your cell, or holding on to some large piece of furniture or any anchor of any sort is counterproductive to your own best interests. It’s unfortunate that so many of us cannot see what our own best interests are.

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