Freemasons to Promote Implants

As the following reveals, the Freemasons are now pushing to promote a wider use and acceptance of digital implants. Note how in doing this they play on fear. How it’s every “parents worst nightmare”, how “over 1,000,000 are reported missing in the United States each year”. And how “the abduction of children is both under-reported and rapidly increasing”.

Having established a threat, and a need to do something about it, they have also provided the answer: the implant. The trouble is that most of those masons involved in this promotion probably believe that they are doing “good”. Freemasonary is built upon human ignorance and gullibility and this is a prime example of something potentially malevolent is being promoted in the name of good. In the name of ‘child protection’ the Freemasons are laying the groundwork for technological totalitarianism. Ed.

Indiana Freemasons and DeMolay Introduce CHIP Program

A parent’s worst nightmare is the disappearance of a child. To give families a measure of protection against this ever increasing problem, the Grand Lodge of Indiana and Indiana DeMolay are proud to introduce the Child Identification Program to the state of Indiana. Based on a very successful program started by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, the Indiana Freemasons Child Identification Program (CHIP) addresses the alarming fact that over 1,000,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. Sadly, the abduction of children is both under-reported and rapidly increasing in our society. While most are found, many are not.

The Indiana Freemasons’ CHIP is the most comprehensive child identification program currently available to our communities. CHIP helps concerned parents to promote the safety of their children by providing a fast, simple packet of information to help authorities identify and recover lost, missing or exploited kids.

The program consists of a brief interview with the child that is recorded on a video cassette to show his or her mannerisms and speech patterns. The child’s fingerprints are taken, and a DNA sample is made by swabbing the inside of the child’s mouth. All identifying materials are given to the parent or guardian once the child has been processed. No materials or private information is retained by the Freemasons or any law enforcement agency. The program is free and no appointment is necessary.

Indiana Lodges are encouraged to find ways to appear at local fairs, carnivals or events. Local schools may also be interested in hosting the program. Lodges may group together to share costs and volunteers, and local law enforcement agencies have been historically supportive of these events.

Lodges interested in holding a CHIP event should contact Jeff Koleszar at the Indiana DeMolay Foundation, at (317) 736-9448 or via e-mail at All questions that go to the Grand Lodge office are referred to the DeMolay Foundation. Kits containing all materials needed and a detailed instruction manual will be shipped to the Lodges and a box will be included to return the materials when the event has ended.

Each kit is equipped to handle 100 children over a four hour period and costs $195. This price includes shipping to the Lodge, however, the Lodge must pay to return the materials at the conclusion of the event.

A CHIP kit contains the following:
· 2 mini-CD video cameras (4 batteries)
· 2 tripods
· 100 mini-CDs and cases
· 1 extension cord
· 1 guidebook that details the entire setup and processes needed to run the program
· 1 height chart
· 1 scale
· Registration forms
· Parental consent forms
· 3 sets of small bags (DNA bags) (300 total)
· 1 set of larger bags (to hold all of the material – 100 bags per set)
· Fingerprinting stamp
· 100 DNA – Oral swab kits
· Registration signs
· Grand Lodge CHIP Banner
· All printed material needed.
Organization and publicity are crucial to the success of a CHIP event, and Lodges are encouraged to develop partnerships with local civic and parents groups, not only to ease manpower burdens on the Lodge, but to give a stronger local sense of involvement for the whole community.

In order to be successful, CHIP must be made consistently available throughout the state of Indiana, and all Freemasons are encouraged to support their lodges and other community groups in this project. When you consider the frightening statistics that over one million children are reported missing in the United States each year, and there are over 100,000 attempted abductions by non-family members for the same period, the value of this program is enormous.

CHIP provides Freemasons with the opportunity to bring before our communities the principles of their Craft by example and deeds. By increasing awareness of what Freemasonry means and what Freemasons do, we promote the public image of our Fraternity. And we strengthen our ability to grow and provide even more good to our communities and to those whom we so dearly love, our families. Through our example it is our aim that others too will become stronger in their desire to make our communities better places in which to live. Please help make CHIP a success in Indiana.