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Visible Origami – September 7, 2011

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In the week after I went to Italy a few years ago, everything went bad for me in a consistent and relentless way. Interestingly, I had a protracted visit with Lord Ayahuasca in that period, in which I heard all sorts of reassuring things. Usually when some aspect of the deity shows up to give me a pep talk, it means bad things are going to happen (grin). They did. Each time I went to Italy, it got worse, finally culminating in a two month long journey into worlds heretofore unseen and then extending into a series of health problems that went on for the most part of a year. None of them were major but all of them were painful and troubling.

Earlier this year all of that went away but the punishing internal setbacks and bouts of depression have come and gone for short periods. One of them just departed a couple of days ago and for the last couple of days, I have awakened each morning with a profound sense of peace and communion with the divine that hadn’t been accessible for about a month. Not only did I awaken in a blissful and tranquil state but I have been high, as if I had taken something.

Over the course of previous events, I have been contacted by or in contact with various astrologers who seem to have appeared for the purpose of giving me insight into what has been happening and the majority of them have been mostly right, most of the time. I’ve been told that for the duration of the year, things would progress in a positive fashion and it would all involve work. It would be steady and certain but it would be slow. Once the New Year came in, a new dynamic was coming, which would remove all former barriers and everything would be effortless; not only that but I would be free in ways I hadn’t imagined possible before.

I like the science and system of astrology. In the right hands it can be an impressive revelation. It will always be a limited and partial view of possibilities because astrologers, like all of us, have a confined perspective in all but the rarest cases. There is, no doubt, only a small handful in this category. I remember the example of Cheiro, after whom chiromancy is named. He was a palm reader whose life occurred in the last half of the 19th century into a portion of the second half of the 20th and he really knew his stuff, like the misunderstood Count Cagliostro and the elusive Count St. Germain. If you are not familiar with these individuals you can look them up; there’s plenty to see.

I’ve never been one to seek out those who are employed in areas of divination. I figured I would know what I needed to know when I needed to know it because, after all, according to my teacher, everything is under control. However, astrologers started appearing at a certain time and that led to further engagements that came about different ways. What I found interesting was, regardless of whether they were employing sidereal or tropical astrology, they were all saying the same thing and they weren’t interacting with each other.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time, like Houdini, looking to debunk or prove the existence of things that I am already convinced of but… I admit to the shared and common fascination that we all have in hearing things that have to do with us. This kind of thing can be a comfort in times of distress, at least if the news and prognosis is good (grin). I’m a fan of the quote, “a wise man rules the stars”. Now if we could only become wise then all would be well and good.

I wasn’t so confident about any number of things over the last month. Sometimes a short period of time can encapsulate a confined perspective that leaves us doubting the promise and integrity of what we might have been used to outside those confines. The interesting thing is, when I haven’t had a visit from the divine for awhile, I tend to fall back into too great an awareness of my failings and shortcomings, which make me doubt the approach of any good thing. Then the divine will drop in and tell me all kinds of reassuring and positive things.

Students of metaphysics know that the ‘still and small inner voice’ is known for chastising us and providing important criticisms. It seldom praises or pats us on the head. This was the case for me earlier on but I don’t get much of that anymore. It’s usually of the nature of things I find it impossible to believe and time continues to go by and strengthen my tendency to doubt, even though I don’t doubt, not really. As is ever the case, when talking about things like this, words show their inherent limitation to be clear and precise. It’s an even more difficult effort when one wants to make it relevant to the reader because that should be the only reason one ever talks about themselves; to present parallels for a resonant identification, to the end of a greater trust and faith in what we cannot see and do not understand.

Looking at the world through my internet window, as well as via the medium of my vibrationary senses, the conditions do not look good from any perspective, unless one is Dr. Pangloss or Pollyanna. Life has gone from satire to the truly absurd. The article I linked in the last Petri Dish is still echoing in my consciousness. For some reason I am very optimistic and I have been optimistic even in degrees of extremis and with no justifiable supporting evidence. Things look dire and unless there is direct cosmic interference, they are going to get much, much worse shortly. Still, I have this unshakeable optimism. Where does that come from? I don’t know.

From where I sit, the global transformations, that have been threatening to take place for such a long time, are now on the doorstep. From where I sit, it could be any moment and the chaos of random killings all over America are a pressing indication of corollary argument for it. When things break down in a larger sense, they seem to do it over a longer period of time. However, a time finally comes when the structure begins to collapse at a previously not experienced speed. One day things are pretty much what they’ve been, except for ominous signs, the next day it has changed dramatically like the sudden appearance of a tropical storm. I get the feeling that that is where we are now.

So many large forces are pushing against each other in a climate of pending ruin. So many larger agendas are finalizing their plots and all of the motives are divergent. Such a massive collection of souls, are caught in the time-lapse moment of final impact, when these forces and agendas come up against each other and push comes to shove. A significant number of those operating the heavy machinery are certifiably insane. Some of them threaten to take the whole house down with them. They might be inclined that way but I also suspect they are cowards too and that threats and bluster are the currency of their passage, except when they can manipulate appearances in the process of serial, horrible acts.

It could be that the world entire has had enough of them and suddenly acts in concert to rid the planet of their presence, assisted by invisible agency. I read a strange and frightening description of possibilities yesterday that is unlike anything I’d encountered before. I’d been unaware that much of this could occur or had been in place waiting to occur all along. I did say at Petri Dish; “as well as whatever strategic initiatives they have up their sleeve, should an attack come. We have to remember that this threat has been on the table for a long time.” It appears that the person responsible for this posting believes that far more than anything I suspected is already in place.

I do not know what to think and I don’t wish to be alarming either; as if I could possibly be more alarming than the portents and events we are already witnessing. I leave it to the reader to formulate their own conclusions. We have to remember that the bad guys are up against the time sensitive crumbling of their entire infrastructure, as well as a world awakening in respect of what they have been up to. They literally have to do something and that something is guaranteed to be bad because, because they are bad guys.

As I have stated, I am an optimist and given the state I’ve awakened in the last couple of days, not much troubled by the many indications of terrible possibility. I’ll leave you with that for the moment and the sincere hope that I have every reason to be optimistic, no matter how things may look.

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