The Voice of the White House June 24, 2005

“Now I am about to excite the bloggers with the usual silly gossip that is beneath their dignity. As a matter of fact, let’s talk about the means by which Karl Rove attempts to delude and confound the American public, whom he loves to call the Sheepie Club. Bush calls Rove, “Turd Blossom” which is a wonderfully apt observation on the part of our witty and intellectual President. Karl and his top aides have managed to bribe a number of journalists to publish what they want, frighten others into silence and as an added insult, they have preempted a number of popular blog sites with money and other goods to attack their enemies and support their friends.

Right now, Bush is falling down badly and is probably beyond recovery. Note how nasty and hysterical they have become recently.

As long they worked in a vacuum, their clever little manipulative games worked very well but Rove’s machinations are like a delicate Swiss clock that can only work when covered by a glass dome to keep the dust out. The dome is now gone and we can watch them running around the Fag Palace here mad as hell that Rove’s Master Plan to have one political party and the destruction of any and all liberal institutions seems to have lost its drive and its wheels.

Well, the public is getting aroused, Karl, so be very careful about what you say and tell your Fuehrer to stop making shrill, hateful speeches or your removal from the Monkey Palace will come much sooner than 2006.”

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