Cameron Gloats Too Soon

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For September 6, 2011

The Independent’s parliamentary commentator Simon Carr, reporting on David Cameron’s demeanor in the House of Commons yesterday, said that;

“…..No wonder David Cameron was so cheerful, his first war has ended jolly well….”

Carr continues,

“…….In a strangely lifeless Parliament, Cameron told us why we’d gone to the trouble and expense of helping Libya overthrow a murdering, torturing enemy of Britain…..”

Strangely lifeless?

Nothing strange about that.

Even members of the British parliament remain human beings. With 50,000 estimated dead, continuation of the ‘humanitarian’ justification for this war of aggression must cause a little vomit to rise in the hardiest throat.

M.P.’s will also surely be aware that the country has been handed over to a coalition of groups, mostly Islamic fundamentalists (who hated Gaddafi because he suppressed their activities).

We used to call these people ‘Al Qaeda’.

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 realisation of this fact must cut deep with ‘Honourable Members’ who retain any pretensions regarding their own integrity.

Thinking Parliamentarians must sit on their benches and feel like whores lining up to service the next paying client.


DEPRESSED, more like.

Those of even a little intelligence will also know how short-lived Cameron’s ‘moment of glory’ is likely to be.

Next we will see the battle for dominance between the rebel groupings, then the creation of a Benghazi ‘green zone’ occupied by NATO ‘peacekeepers’ (this already exists, informally). Next a descent into complete chaos and horror as Gaddafi’s people and Libyan nationalists get their act together and launch a guerrilla war against oil installations, western occupiers and Libyans working in alliance to the new Libyan (i.e.Rothschild-integrated) bank.

It will almost certainly start to look like Iraq all over again.


A cause for MP’s to squirm, decent citizens to spit and the creep involved to disappear from the streets and pontificate on global issues from a safe distance (somewhere east of the Mediterranian).


MP’s are listless, lifeless and depressed.

That is because they know all this instinctively.

It is just that most of them haven’t yet allowed such thoughts into their conscious minds.




Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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