Mass Murder of Teenagers in Buhriz

I direct your attention the following article: Eyeballing the Buhriz Body Count by Mark Kraft of Cryptome, re-posted on the Uruknet site. Instead of summarizing the article, I will simply encourage you to follow the link and read Kraft’s story (note: the article contains graphic digital images of slaughtered Iraqi teenagers). As Kraft notes in his short article, he is not certain what the story is behind the killing of the teenagers shown in the photos, but one thing is unmistakable: it is photographic evidence of U.S. troops planting RPGs near several otherwise unarmed Iraqi teenage males, apparently gunned down in Buhriz. I was thinking Rush Limbaugh might come up with a line of t-shirts dedicated to killing Iraqi teenagers in cold blood for the crime of appearing suspicious in their own country (all males of “fighting age” in Iraq are considered suspicious by the U.S. military). Or maybe some small enterprising company might manufacture a new magnetic car and SUV ribbon with the message: “Support Our Troops Killing Unarmed Hadji Kids.” I bet they would sell like hotcakes.