The Eternal Night Time of the Eternally Dammed

Reflections in a Petri Dish – September 6, 2011

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We’re at the midway point of the month between the beginning and the anniversary bash of 9/11. Many things are going on in the background and I’m going to list some of them with my take, unsupported by links, though there are some out there, if you are of a mind to go and look for them.

The Libyan army is coming out of the desert with attendant mercenaries and the support of Algeria, as well as other countries who don’t care for the carpet bombing of civilians and who also realize what that may mean for them in the future. Turkey is pulling out all the stops against Israel and seriously mucking up their intentions of a sneak attack on Iran. At this point you can think of Turkey as an early warning system for the Iranians and I don’t doubt that Turkey will make it hot for Israel any way they can. This puts Erdogan directly in the Mossad crosshairs where he has been, in any case, for awhile. Erdogan’s chief concern of the moment is to purge Israeli influence from the ranks of the military and elsewhere and shut down on Israeli business enterprises there. He’s got to clean the cockroaches out of the kitchen.

Israel’s intention to attack Iran from bases in the area of Georgia, now has to be considered seriously compromised. Then there’s the real concern that Iran will hit the Zio-controlled Saudi oil fields and whatever other havoc they can loose in the straits, as well as whatever strategic initiatives they have up their sleeve, should an attack come. We have to remember that this threat has been on the table for a long time.

It goes without saying that the Israelis, who engineered 9/11 and the London and Madrid attacks will be in a full court press to make something monstrous and evil go down as the declaration of a Palestinian state on the 20th approaches by the hour. It’s a sure bet that they are setting up all sorts of mischief for the Palestinians. Most of the whole world is now aligned against Israel, primarily for their messing around in everyone’s county on the planet and secondarily for their genocidal murder against the authentic and original inhabitants of Palestine, which was renamed as Israel but ‘a rose by any other name’ and so on and so forth.

The ZATO murder spree in Libya is sure to crank up for more holocaust work against the residents but we shall see how that turns out. Yes folks, it is most certainly a holocaust, what is happening there and the dread irony is that those who have trumpeted their minor holocaust, compared to the one they pulled off in the soviet states, are continuing to engage in holocausts anywhere they can manage one because their bloodthirsty god demands it in support of the engines of materialism and free enterprise; you are free to get out of our way (maybe), or die.

It’s a terrible and fascinating thing to see what is taking place these days and it has never been more clear what control of the majority press will make possible. The carnage is terrific and the coverage is either full on fabricated or staged in other countries for the purpose of propaganda. Meanwhile, The Rasmussen kill team is on the scene, torturing, burning, mutilating and dismembering anyone standing between them and the theft of someone else’s oil and gold. ♫Rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other♫

You should read the article on Strauss-Khan by T Stokes. There’s plenty out there about Turkey now planning to accompany Palestinian aid ships, as well as the relentless effort of the British, German and others interfering in the Iranian elections. You can find out all you want to know and more and you can intuit the obvious, even uglier details, simply by looking at the surface. I like the mention of Lord Mandelson’s small furry animal caper in the T. Stokes article. You don’t get much sicker than the members of Parliament in the UK.

Let’s consider the mind of the international banker, as he sits with his fountain pen poised, over the death warrants of hundreds of thousands, millions perhaps; what festering swamps they must be. Can we know the depth of the black hearts that carry out these operations every day? They are a fathomless abyss. This is the eternal nighttime of the eternally damned. The ordinary mind has no clue of the depravity and casual violence of these Hell-born vipers. They are a breed apart. They are serial killers and torturers of a magnitude that goes beyond the reach of a normal imagination. These are truly, sick fucks from Hell.

When the hammer of the cosmos comes down upon these miscreants, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. That’s to be understood in the sense of ‘weeping for joy’. I could see Lord Buckley doing a routine on them now, “mi-lords and mi-ladies of The Satanic Court, the tormented sex and murder fantasies of the British aristocrat”.

Anyway, another day is passing, stuffed to the filling with murder and mayhem. Forty one people got shot in New York City over the weekend. The stock market is about to take an epic nosedive. New storms are brewing on the troubled oceans of the world. Fukushima is bubbling like a runaway crockpot and the winds are traveling over the North American continent, dispensing slow death and mutation as they go.

It appears that all the bad cats among us are mobilized against some kind of a deadline. I don’t know what’s driving them (well, actually I do) but whatever it is, it has some kind of deadline in mind too. Yes, there’s a dead line out there that’s been drawn upon the sands of time, while some amount of the same sand is pouring through the hourglass.

How truly crazy is it now? This article should tell you all you need to know.

The thing is that each of us is in a similar situation to the rest of us. We are being pushed by the force of change. If we do not change we are made more and more insane. This is why the politicians and the police are behaving like they are. They can’t adjust to the sane course out of the madness they are engaged in, so they get crazier by the day. It’s some kind of cosmic imperative. There are also a frightening amount of the rest of us out there, who refuse to budge against the imprimatur of our desires and appetites. They’re going crazy too. What’s happening in New York City should be a warning sign to all the congested urban sprawls of this world but, of course, few will see it as any kind of sign except for a renewed chance to abuse the citizenry at every opportunity.

The thing about crazy people is that they don’t know that they’re crazy. That’s one of the main tenets of being crazy. When Ronald Reagan threw the mentally ill out of the institutions, he said that they could just take their medication at home or at whatever bridge abutment they were living under. However, crazy people don’t take their medication because… because they are crazy and the medication, uh huh, that’s not the solution either.

The further you depart from the familiar and healing territory of Nature, the more and more insane you get, until you live in a completely artificial world that has cut itself off from Nature and can only come to destruction as a result. Without an awareness and respect for Nature, you are absolutely doomed. Reason goes out the window along with balance. Crazy becomes the new sane, as you can see from the single link I added here. This is going on all over the place because the inmates have taken over the institution. They wanted control, now they think they are in control which means, they are completely out of control. Interesting times are upon us and there is no telling what’s likely to happen now. I wouldn’t even begin to speculate. All I know is that since insanity is in charge the conditions are most likely to be insane.

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