The Education System is Creating a ‘Fair’ Society (and a ‘New Science’ For Schools?)

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For September 5, 2011

Nick Clegg gave a speech this morning about his coalition government’s new creation, ‘Free Schools’. Let us recall that his party voted against creating Free Schools less than a year ago…..

…..Oh, and that Mr Clegg has made his party an object of almost universal contempt by promising not to raise University tuition fees in the LibDem election manifesto and then promptly tripling them immediately after being elected.

…..but then policy never really was Mr Clegg’s thing.

He’s more a pretty face, a Blair-style ‘nice guy’, a media-friendly, hand-picked instrument of betrayal.

In his speech Mr Clegg said that Free Schools “must not be the preserve of the privileged few – creaming off the best pupils while leaving the rest to fend for themselves, causing problems for and draining resources from other nearby schools”.

“So let me give you my reassurance – I would never tolerate that,” he said.

Mr Clegg also called on free schools to admit at least the same proportion of free school meal pupils as the local average and open up facilities to the local community.

So here we have our society’s ongoing model of ‘fairness’ exposed yet again.

The government WILL DO NOTHING ITSELF to address the accelerating transfer of wealth (but one example in this link) from the poor to the rich.

What it will do is task schools with identifying more talented or ambitious elements from the lower orders who can enjoy the educational benefits that might allow them to join the lower ranks of the well-heeled predators and parasites (like Clegg himself) who enforce this disgusting system on the ever more impoverished and powerless masses.

Here is the western liberal democratic version of what ‘fairness’ is.


Just to make sure that our educational system remains ‘free’ and fair’ Education Secretary Michael Gove announced yesterday that his government will be using ex-Spies to root out fanatics in the classroom.”

I suppose Mr Gove means people like me who spread mistrust of government by asking uncomfortable questions and making unacceptable allegations.

Mr Gove said, “……More than that, we are reviewing the science curriculum……”

We can surely expect the Law of Conservation of Momentum and the Law of Conservation of Energy to be consigned, like ‘Social Credit’, the history of the battles between governments and bankers for control of money-creation, the identity of the paymasters of Lenin and Trotsky….etc., etc……to the dustbin of history.

After 9/11 we can expect the laws of physics to become in some nebulous way, a subjective matter……perhaps the whole thing will be incorporated under ‘relativity’ and reformatted by the brilliant metaphysicians who have got so much useful practice ‘debunking’ 9/11 Truthers and the like.

Mr Gove, Mr Clegg and their friends will decide how we understand the words ‘fairness’ and ‘truth’.

The fact is that their ‘fairness’ is GROSS INJUSTICE and their ‘truths’ are OBSCENE LIES.

Look upon these smooth liars and weep.

Neils Harrit (whose research might necessitate the creation of a new chemistry) said in BBC2’s ‘9/11 Ten Years on Conspiracy Files’ last week something like this:

“There is no way our civilisation can survive the kind of lies to which we are being subjected.”

Quite so.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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