Why is Islam so feared and derided today?

Pound’s biographer Professor Hugh Kenner – with whom I had the honour of corresponding shortly before his death – considered that without its poets the world would have already have long since succumbed to total exhaustion.

More practically, perhaps, we can view religion as playing a similar valuable role in preserving traditional societies, and maintaining higher values than the almighty dollar. But not all faiths have ‘what it takes’ to resist the trend towards a world turned into a counting house on top of a rubbish dump.

Indeed, both Judaism and the Protestant variant of Christianity are implicated, more or less, in the rise of capitalism. Additionally, traditionalist Catholics believe that their Church is now a shadow of its former state, having virtually self-destructed after Vatican II. While Eastern Orthodoxy and even Japanese Shinto play their honourable part in resisting the rush towards a porno-trash non-culture, it is pre-eminently Islam that is the biggest stumbling block in the way of the New World Order.

In the first place Islam is a profoundly and genuinely democratic faith, as opposed to the ‘democracy’ of fakery and computerised trickery that characterised the election of Bush and Bliar. Following on from this, Muslims also hold true to economic democracy in the form of the prohibition of usury. Though now abandoned, this was also once a doctrine of the Christian Church. Such a fundamental point is, to say the least, unappreciated by the false prophets of globalist capitalism, always on the lookout for fresh lands to reduce to a bland and hence profitable mass – or mess.

When Muslims, like those ‘extremist’ Iranians, reject the societies (perhaps non-societies might be a better term) of Britain and the US, are they really wrong to do so? Or are they just being sensible in not wanting a taste of the growing gap between rich and poor, the drug addiction, the sleaze, the corruption, the social breakdown, the urban gun crime and trash TV that more and more characterises these two countries today?

Significantly, terms such as Ummah and Dar-al-Islam are more or less untranslatable, indicating a degree of cohesion and comradely brotherhood that those outside the Arabic and Muslim world can barely understand.

Though few of us realise it, we in the West are spoon-fed a bogus view of reality: the truth only comes out in peripheral areas. Times, Telegraph and Observer dribble on and on about the wonderful EU constitution, or how we must ‘democratise’ Iraq1. However in the travel sections of such papers you can still read the occasional comment on the wonderful hospitality to be found in Libya or Syria, in spite of everything that happened in recent years.

Apparently, tourists there can find themselves being invited, after a passing acquaintance with a citizen of those ‘evil’ countries, to stay and eat in private homes. Just try doing that in New York or London! As Gavin Maxwell wrote of his stay in pre-Saddam and pre-American Apocalypse Iraq :

‘Throughout our journey I was struck by the boorishness of Western hospitality by contrast with that of the Arabs. If a stranger rings a doorbell in Europe, he must produce some very good reason before he can get into the house at all, much less eat there as a guest; yet in the lands where there are neither doors nor doorbells the stranger is not asked the reason for his presence, and to hesitate in setting food before him would be shameful.’

The anti-Islam crowd often Pipes up that some Muslim countries, most notably Saudi Arabia and Iran, have a harsh judicial code, particularly for errant women. While there is – of course – a kernel of truth in this, I would suggest that Western countries should get their own houses in order before interfering in the affairs of other countries. As comparatively recently as the 1950s it wasn’t unheard of for women to receive capital punishment in Britain and America on highly dubious evidence of murder, when their real crime was ‘immorality’. More recently, President Bush laughed about the execution of Karla Faye Tucker.

Today in Blair’s blight land, the single largest category of female prisoners consists of the ‘desperadoes’ who have failed to pay their TV licenses.2 Additionally, the high suicide rate across the entire penal system means that the official view that Britain has no death penalty is somewhat flawed to say the least.

As is clear from the Last Sermon of the Last Prophet, true Islam has a civilised attitude towards woman, unlike the misogyny that disfigures a significant amount of Judaic (and Christian) thought:

‘O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste. ‘

Muslims will have to face the fact that they are hated, not for their vices, but for their virtues. The normal mind to a large extent rebels against such a novel thought. As with the true story of what really happened on September 11th, the average person has a mental block when confronted by the perverse, amoral wickedness implied by ‘hatred of virtues’.

Most know or at least intuitively sense that two massive towers3 couldn’t really have been destroyed by a pair of Boeing passenger aircraft, but prefer not to contemplate the awful truth.

As for actual as opposed to fabled ‘Muslim terrorism’ – not that I agree with the dubious practice of coupling faith allegiance to terrorism – has there actually been any? There was the attack on the USS Cole, of course, but can one really describe suicidally brave men in motor-boats versus a huge floating leviathan as ‘terrorism’? Other incidents such as Achille Lauro and the Munich Olympics have more than a whiff of the agent provocateur about them.

America today, in line with its stultifying decay, hardly produces any new contributors to the world of thought. Though scarcely comparable to Mencken or Brooks Adams, the present-day philosophic duo of Beavis and Butthead have it right: ‘People are STUPID’.

Yes, people are stupid, especially modern Britons or Americans. They are pleased to accept assessments of one of the world’s great religions from various self-interested parties with an axe to grind – from tame professors run by the intelligence agencies, to fundamentalist ‘Christian’ Zionist nutcases who want to bring on Armageddon.

The Prophet Muhammad whom they ignorantly deride was in actuality – by the standards of his time and ours – an extraordinarily humane man. One interesting fact that is seldom brought out today is that many thousands of Western Europeans are direct descendants of the Last Prophet.4

As for Muslims and Arabs in general, they can take some small comfort from the words of Beregond, the soldier of Gondor, in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: ‘We have this honour: ever we bear the brunt of the chief hatred of the Enemy.’

1 ‘My job is to teach these natives the meaning of democracy, and they’re going to learn democracy if I have to shoot every one of them.’ – Colonel Wainwright Purdy (Paul Ford) in the 1956 film The Teahouse of August Moon.

2 Average sentence around 7 days, but still (shamefully) the largest category.

3 To say nothing about the destruction of WTC 7 by the impact of nothing at all!

4 Anyone who can trace their ancestors back to the early medieval Spanish royals (much more common than it sounds) is also in all probability a descendant of the Prophet.