Voice of the White House June 17, 2005

“Your articles on the short-changed DoD death lists are not making you very many friends inside the Beltway. If this ever get out to the masses of Americans, there will be serious trouble. I have heard Bush say that there is no way anyone is going to dictate to him and his policy is to remain in Iraq as long as he feels it is necessary, come what may. This leaves his toadies to cover up the growing criticism over this ill-advised project . All the polls, and increasingly the media, are pointing out that the public is growing very unhappy with this Iraq business and Bush’s ratings are rapidly tanking. The media, timid as ever, is slowly beginning to realize the way the wind is blowing and are starting to trim their corporate sails.

In defiance of the Amnesty International severe criticism of Guantanamo Gulag, the people here refuse to consider doing away with it. Under increasing public scrutiny and criticism, Rumsfeld , Cheney and Bush absolutely refuse to budge an inch on any of this. This is typical of the inflexibility of the administration and without a doubt, given the upcoming Mid-Term elections, Congress is growing restive, fearful that an outraged voter base might chuck them out…pry them away from the money pot…and you are seeing more and more moderate Republicans moving away from the far right wing of their party and, like Clinton, towards the center. Pretty soon, all Bush and his bully boys will have left are a handful of nuts like Santorum, DeLay and a few others and this will not constitute any kind of a governing majority. I have seen this before and from comments I have heard from nervous Republican lawmakers, a consummation devoutly to be wished. Congress has passed stem cell legislation against Bush’s wishes and has now begun to pick away at the notorious Patriot Act, let along tampering with his budget demands. All beginnings are difficult but hopefully the tide will turn.”

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