Getting Rid of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles

Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 30, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

This is blog posting 1075 and then there’s 104 radio shows. I looked at the computer screen this morning and said, “Oh no, not another blog post (grin)”. It’s not the blog posts that bother me so much. It’s the times I have to say something about someone and I don’t want to but I can’t help myself. When I see seriously safe writing like this, it bothers me and when that same writer talks about meeting Gaddafi and how he is crazy and dangerous and should be gone and that same writer talks about the beauty of The Arab Spring and how he supports it I start to get those George Soros Shingles all over my body and they won’t go away until I say something. It’s also known as Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles and only people troubled by the seeming absence of clarity and truth catch it for some reason and it hurts like regular shingles, or so I hear; I’ve never had the regular kind.

I don’t want to get into more about me again; I’ve felt the need to do that lately, mostly because some people don’t read carefully. They see some hot button item and they go off without studying the totality of my approach. Or maybe they just don’t want to get it and lack the objectivity to consider the facts and the figures on the merits. I don’t know what the problem is but I suspect it has to do with degrees of awakening in concert with the level of personal courage that is possessed by the reader. Regardless of the force of awakening acting upon the planet in these times, most of the population remains in a deep slumber and accepts the main stream Pabulum, no matter how insipid, ridiculous or patently untrue it may be.

I don’t want to point out certain things but that is the very nature of what I do and all I ask is that people meet what I say with intelligent refutation. Lately I am hearing from people who tell me, “Yes, some Jews were involved in 9/11 but certainly Israel had no part in it. I ask them to explain to me what is stated in this link and I don’t hear from them again. That is because you can’t refute or explain away what you find there, all fingers point at Israel, in tandem with rogue elements in various intelligence agencies.

I do not profess to possess the whole truth on anything. My motto is “I don’t know” and I don’t. I am always left with the most seeming conclusions and in the case of 9/11, it’s a slam dunk when it comes to those culpable. The thing is, most people do not have the courage to call it like it is. They want some kind of workable compromise that leaves them off the hook for the licks taken when it comes to recognizing and pointing out the hard truths that call down the wrath and marginalization that comes with stating that the emperor is naked. For so long as the majority of people can not and will not call it like it is, they will remain the victims of those who prey upon, herd and manipulate them. Their living conditions continue to worsen but somehow they imagine that it will all go away one fine day like it was never here to begin with. Possibly that respite will arrive in the grave or whatever lies beyond but I suspect it does not, because if you can’t see clearly here then you probably can’t see clearly somewhere else either.

The world, in its totality, is an expression of the beliefs held by the populations. In times of pervasive ignorance and darkness it can be a stifling affair for some of us. People don’t want to know. They’ll argue from whatever uninformed point of view they have settled on but they won’t look more deeply for the truth, because the truth is a dangerous area of endeavor. You never know what you’re going to find out and it changes you. It makes accepting the same old same old harder and harder to do. You will become disenfranchised from your fellows. It comes with the territory.

I know that Gaddafi is a dictator. Saddam was a dictator too but that is precisely the type of government desired by the majority of those peoples who live in tribal conflicts that go back for generations. The alternative is chaos and we’ll be seeing some of that now. Libya, in fact, had one of the highest standards of living in the Arab world. The water system, now destroyed by ZATO (Zionist Armies of Total Occupation) was a marvel of these times. Gaddafi didn’t want to play bend over and take it from the international bankers and he wanted an African currency that would militate against the routine debt enslavement of the bankers, which is in operation around the world and is the source of so much of the troubles of the present day.

I’m not saying that Gaddafi is a great human being. I don’t know the man. What I do know is what he has done and intended to do. He is and was a better man for his people than Bwak! Obama is for his. The Lockerbie Bombing was not carried out by Libya. It was carried out by the same government terrorists that carry out all of the horrible events in these times. Gaddafi is not and was not treating his subjects the way Israel treats the Palestinians. Who is the greater evil? Gaddafi doesn’t export terrorism, Israel does. Why should there be such a serious disconnect in the minds of the wider public? The force of materialism, implemented by those who worship it as a god and a means of social control is the reason. Materialism is a darkness of consciousness and those who subscribe to it are going to be buried in it. It is a coffin for the practitioners of unbridled appetite.

We live in a world of Twits with cellphones who chatter like chipmunks on a dead log. The scale of awareness and active insight has been reduced to an elementary level and survival has been made the premium concern, even while those entrusted with securing it are looting the store in front of their eyes and they won’t see it because that is going to scare them more than all of the things that presently confront them. Armed insurrection is not the answer, thought that is coming. A simple stepping away from the predatory industries in which they are employed and tormented by is all that it takes. Entire nations have to step away and sit down until the machine stops turning.

I don’t like to make predictions because I am often wrong, as I have been with the timing of Iran being attacked. Everything moves much more slowly than I expected but I suspect that is all about to change. I do predict that the next two months are going to include the most tumultuous events yet seen. I hope I’m wrong but that is how it looks to me. It looks like it is going to go terribly sideways all over the place. Now we are hearing dire things about this comet Elenin, as well as Nibiru, Planet X and what have you. I don’t know what to make of it so I will do my usual wait and see.

I’m an optimist most of the time. It’s how I’m made. I’m an optimist due to what I hear from my invisible friends. This doesn’t change the approach and immediacy of spectacular change on the horizon. There are two critical problems that seem to be without a solution. One of them is that collection of insane vampires, whose means of operation threatens us all …and they are not going to stop what they are doing until they are stopped. The other is the vast expanse of the sleeping public, who are determined not to awaken because of what they consider to be the responsibility and personal cost that comes with rising from their sleep.

The cosmos is a precise and irresistible machine that is like no watch that has ever been built. It moves inexorably according to its own mysterious vision of what will be. You can’t argue with it and you can’t affect it, except to embrace the change, which may ameliorate the severity of the changes that have to be employed to bring about what is coming. I have no questions about the existence of something beyond our comprehension that orchestrates the events, within the theater of our existence. It’s been proven to me over and over again. Others may contend and argue about it but had better meet it in the middle. Personal resistance is like screaming into the mouth of a hurricane and expecting to be heard and expecting some kind of effect as a result. It takes little imagination to visualize what the hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami’s response will be.

People tell me that I must be mistaken about their sacred cows. Others tell me I should embrace the celestial harmony and retreat into contemplation, while doing nothing because that will have the greatest positive effect on everything else. Neither of those things seems to be the appropriate course of action to me, however well they may work for others. I’ve got my dharma and the course of my life has made that clear to me. The only thing anyone can say with any authority is, “we shall see”.

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