Settlers to seek asylum in Palestine!

JERUSALEM: A group of Jewish settlers from the West Bank is planning to ask Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for political asylum in order to remain in their homes following Israel’s planned evacuation of four enclaves in the area, an Israeli newspaper reported yesterday.

“If the state of Israel doesn’t want us, we don’t want it,” Drori Stuan told Yediot Aharonot.

Stuan, a resident of Kadim settlement in the northern West Bank, said a number of families from the four settlements due for evacuation this summer had signed a petition to apply to the Palestinian Authority for political asylum.

“We are people who intend to carry on living in Samaria under Palestinian rule and not under Israeli rule,” said Stuan

“There are Jews everywhere in the world: in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Pakistan, so we want to be Jews under Palestinian sovereignty.”