Busted Again!: Incredible Fake Mass Media Footage

By George W. Berry – www.crashareyouready.com August 24, 2011

There’s NO Business like SHOW Business: (Click here)

Look at the faces, the hats, and the clothing! — They’re not even using the right props — Look carefully at the flags— & the picture that is held up by some one in the “Libyan” crowd! What were these Indians, waving Indian flags, really demonstrating about?

 In the meantime, Independent Journalists reporting the TRUTH about Libya HAVE BEEN TARGETED FOR MURDER: (Click here) and – NATO is MASS-MURDERING CIVILIANS IN TRIPOLI: (Click here) & (Click here)

 While the U.S.-Supported DICTATOR OF QATAR sends more Quatari DEATH-SQUADS  to murder loyalist Libyan civilians — just as pro-democracy civilians were gassed or shot by troops of the U.S.-Supported DICTATORSHIP OF SAUDI ARABIA in Bahrain: (Click here) and (Click here)


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