Voice of the White House May 29, 2005

“And a happy Memorial Day for all. And we should give thanks to our Beloved Christian President for giving so much gainful work to military cemetery employees and gravediggers.

I thought, while in a holiday mood, that I would make some comment about my critics. I am now hearing, and seeing on Google and elsewhere, commentary from both the interested and outraged concerning what I post…”…terrible ranting….,” ….vicious homophobia….,” “…don’t believe a word of it….,” “…right on!…,” …great material…” and so on. Many enemies, much honor.

At the end of this posting I am including a criticism that was forwarded to me for comment, along with my remarks. Since some of these twits claim that I have nothing concrete to say, other than making up terrible lies about our favorite fudgepacking religious icon, I am going to give you a nice, factual insight straight from a friend.

And I am putting in all the names for your readers to understand and appreciate. I personally think I did a good job reporting Grandma Bulldog’s background and a brilliant one (I took it from an official report…sorry) compared with the stupid shit now being advertised by pro-government bloggers (“Gannon is really Johnny Gosch, Kidnapped Paperboy) but there is no disputing taste as the Senator said when he chased the goat into the barn.

Perhaps in the future, I ought to be very specific about matters. Which prominent Republican gives his six-year old niece body rubs or which Pentecostal preacher has been stealing how much money from his besotted congregation and stashing it in a Danish bank.

This is an example of my being specific. I hope you like it but I am positive that certain others will not. Happy Memorial Day to them, too! Next posting, I will get specific about Tom DeLay who has so much in common with the White House!

The NSA has the capacity to listen in on all transatlantic, and transasian, telephone calls and many domestic ones, that are placed over the satellite systems. This used to be called the HARVEST system but is has been upgraded. Of especial interest to the Puzzle Palace people are diplomatic communications. Breaking the diplomatic codes of foreign countries is done by NSA on a regular basis. It is from this source that we learn the following:

The British Tories hate Tony Blair, feeling, with some truth, that he has dragged Great Britain into a useless war that is damaging their image and economy. Blair is seen by the Tories as a hand puppet for George Bush and they, and many, others, including the Queen, want Blair out of office. One of the methods these people are using is to thoroughly discredit the Bush administration throughout the world, not only as militaristic and unhinged but as secret supporters of anti-Semitism. As a Jew, and an American, I find this outrageous.

What was done was to set up, in the United States, a small organization of professional, foreign anti-Semites to make propaganda that could later be “exposed” by certain British officials and cause terrible damage in this country and around the world.

To accomplish this, the services of a well-known Swiss anti-Semite were secured. His name is <>Jurgen Graf<>. Graf is a Swiss citizen who fled his home country just ahead of the authorities and went to Tehran where, because he loathes Jews and is a very accomplished linguist, he was hired by the equivalent of the Iranian Ministry of Propaganda to write and translate anti-Semitic literature. Graf later went to Lebanon where he set up an Iranian-funded organization to promulgate pro-Arab and anti-Semitic writings throughout the world. He set up bank accounts used to pay willing journalists in the United States and Great Britain with Iranian money. Graf later moved to Moscow where he continued his activities with the approval of anti-Semitic members of Putin’s government. He married a Russian citizen whose father had been a prominent member of the Soviet Politburo.

Graf then began to work for a German citizen who, like himself, had fled Germany ahead of criminal proceedings for the same offenses and relocated, under false names, in the United States. This man, who owns a publishing company that specializes in anti-Semitic literature, has used the names of: Manfred Köhler, Dr. Werner Kretschmer, Dr. Christian Konrad, Dr. Dr. Rainer Scholz, Jakob Sprenger, Wilhelm Schlesinger, Tuisco, Dr. Manfred Gerner,

This person lives in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area and works out of Chicago, Illinois. Graf and his wife have traveled to the United States, without any trouble with US INS authorities in spite of his background (which is well known to the authorities here) and spent some time, with his wife, in Alabama near the Redstone military base that specializes in highly classified military weaponry research.

The kicker in this story is that this group ingratiated itself with a certain American intelligence agency and offered to work for them, supplying information on Arabs in general and Iranians in specific. Not only are they still spewing out vicious anti-Semitic literature, they are also “cooperating” with certain elements of American officialdom in return for obtaining US citizenship!

There are many Americans, some in high positions in the official bureaucracy, who loathe Jews and blame Israel for our involvement in the Middle Eastern mess. From intercepted communications, it appears that not only the British conservatives but the Russians <>and<> the Iranians are funding these people, probably unknowingly.

If this is ever uncovered, and I do my best, I wonder what his American paymasters will do? Or the British? Or the Russians? Or our friends in Tehran?

To those who claim I am too vague in my accusations, I offer this information for your edification and the assurance that this is only the tiny tip of a huge iceberg of the kind that ripped the bottom out of the mighty Titanic.

And here is a sampling of the yapping of small dogs in the night….This is my response to a critique sent to the editor of TBR News….

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Subject: your latest “voice of the whitehouse”.

This poster appears to have problems with the article. Then, again, he could be a US or UK government employee.
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 01:35:16 -0400

Stretching credulity
by CreosoteChris on 28.05.2005 [18:02 ]

“Every point raised in this article takes some familiar grain of truth, and builds it into a sensationalised fantasy”

– “Bush has some enemies in high places….- so there’s a coup d’etat in the offing “Comment: “Some enemies?” You are obviously not in touch with reality. Bush did not have, and does not have, a mandate. He barely got elected and from many diverse sources, it is becoming evident that his support base is rapidly eroding. There once was a coup d’etat in the advanced planning stage against FDR, too but that is history and your communicant has probably never heard of it.

– “Cheney has heavyweight security all around him (obviously)… so he’s cowering in a reinforced bunker” Comment:I did not say that Cheney had “heavyweight security” around him and it has been repeatedly reported that the Vice President spends most of his time in a bunker. The exact location and internal pictures of his Fuehrerbunker are available.

– “Banking networks are vulnerable to security breaches…. so “Billions of dollars in bank transfers would vanish instantly and replicating the data, if the attackers know what they are doing, would take eons to try to replace”. Bollocks. The writer clearly knows nothing about electronic banking (or even what a backup tape is).” Comment: The writer is obviously a dimbulb who gets his financial news from USA Today or Yahoo. My family were bankers and I have good friends at Chase, NASDAQ and elsewhere in the real financial world, all of whom are entirely in agreement with the accuracy of this concept and whose opinions I sought prior to writing the article.

“The list goes on. Everything is exaggerated, everything extrapolated beyond the limits of creduilty. The writer of this piece is, I’m afraid, a fantasist.” Comment: And our communicant is probably a 40-year old GS2 in government employ, a British supporter of the sycophantic Blair or simply one of those jealous types I have been encountering who are shrilly outraged that someone has published something of substance that is not discussed at their local barbershop or that they have not personally thought of unassisted and unmedicated. These are the same identical types who believe that 9/11 was caused by Chinese dwarves using trained pigeons or that God Himself (and not the Bulldog) shoved something long and hard up Bush’s calloused anus and turned him into His Second Son. Most of the writers of this type are women, by the way, or are dribbling bloggers who use such stunning pseudonyms as “StarStrider” or “LibertyKid” and have a huge following of about the same number of people you can cram into an SUV. It is true that the poor we always have with us but we also have the dim of wit.

“ Cheers Chris”

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