ZATO and the Wannabe Whores of Babylon

Smoking Mirrors – August 22, 2011

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May your noses always be far from places like this.

In an age of darkness; in an age of dreadful materialism, you find things like this. Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon. It requires special characteristics and the absolute lack of various other things. There are so many contenders who have to be measured against the potential of harm committed against the greatest number of persons. Of course, these persons have to be willing to be harmed. They’ve got to let their little light shine out from under a bushel of darkness in search of a more intense darkness. They have to be willing to abandon all sense of self, in search of a more repulsive self that has to be broadcasting on Hell’s most powerful radio station. They have to tune in and they have to tune out.

Kim Kardashian was mentioned some months ago, as having the most friends on Facebook. It was over three million. Now I no longer see any friends listed, only something called, ‘likes’. She’s got over six million of those. At least someone is getting their six million. You have to scroll down the page in growing horror, as you see the nature and motivations of this creature, leading the six million and more into the hot central violence of compressed coal, which is the physical representation of suffocating materialism. She married a basketball player, whose greatest play was to slam dunk his soul down the swirling toilet of evolutionary reversal. Fare the well ye walking zombie dead.

Presently, ZATO is performing mass murder upon the people of Libya, who don’t have the proper banking scheme and whose leader wanted to organize the African nations to protect their resources and reject the debt enslavement, visited upon them by London bankers and assorted true vampires in search of plunder, death and destruction, in any order; it doesn’t matter. ZATO is the Zionist Alliance for Total Occupation. It has been misidentified for a long time as The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Even a casual observation of their activities over recent times will disabuse you of the notion that they work for anyone but the central bankers of London and Tel Aviv. New York City is a secondary location that is controlled by the aforementioned.

ZATO and Kim Kardashian have a great deal in common. They are both killing large numbers of people, though I think Kardashian has killed more people overall so far. There are a lot of ways to kill a person and some of the more pervasive and effective ways of doing so are unknown to the greater mass of the population. Let’s say you’re a 12 or 13 year old girl or boy on the streets of London and you’ve been passed around through a few hands; this is another not so well known reality, even though there have been articles about some significant number of them making sex dates on cellphones for the purpose of material goods from older men. Recently a fellow sought to go to London and give a talk on sex abuse and trafficking of children by the church and state in London and he was arrested and deported because the politicians and police there are deeply into it; it is one of the basic behavioral routines of Satanism. Then you run into a ‘handler’, or you’ve had one from the start and they shoot you up with Heroin so you don’t much care what happens to you. You’ve been killed, even though it might take some agonizing interval of time yet.

If someone leads you down the garden path, while you are in emulation of them and their lifestyle, they have also killed you, on several levels, even though it might take some agonizing interval of time yet. Kim Kardashian does this. You might dispute the reality of it but you can argue with the wind as far as I’m concerned. It’s murder is what it is. She’s not the only one committing murder. The educational system does it. The culture does it. The governments do it and the religions do it. Liars for profit and control do it through every medium in which they operate. The media is an accessory to murder every day. The media is the information arm of ZATO. Kim Kardashian is their product spokeswhore.

ZATO and one of their media constructs, CNN, are shooting at and threatening independent journalists in Libya for reporting actual events, instead of bending over for the official pronouncements of The Powers that Seem. It’s all a matter of degrees of subtlety, in terms of applied murder, whether it’s ZATO or Kardashian. However, dead is dead, today, tomorrow or on any given Sunday.

Everyone comes to some arrangement with the system, depending on what they want out of it, or depending on their need to operate inside it for the purpose of survival in a mug’s game. You’re at the carnival and you believe the games aren’t rigged because that disturbs your sense of possibility. It appears to be better to lie to yourself in the hope of something you won’t get than to face the reality of the situation. If you see someone succeeding at something, you don’t question their methods; you’re looking at their results. They may be the greater evil but those following them are the wider danger; willingly polluted and engaged in sharing and spreading their pollutions upon their children, relatives and friends. It’s what’s know as a clusterfuck. 

The Synagogue of Satan is the applied worship of materialism as the object of existence. This means directing the culture through lifestyles, fashion, products, advertising and duplicitous information, designed to convince you that this is what you want; until you get it, or, actually, it gets you. It can still take you awhile to die and you might get some gratuitous enjoyment out of it on the way but you’re DOA from the departure gate. It’s obvious or it’s confusing and if it’s confusing then you only have to consider what’s confusing you because that’s the nature of the game, as a songwriter once said. It’s like the fascination with a meticulously recorded false history and the dream of a physical king, as opposed to a metaphysical regent. It’s all there to be seen but you’ll have noted the danger of representing truth in a world of lies and the majority of you will look for an easier passage. Keep in mind that the passage is easier because of the direction it is headed in.

ZATO is a murder machine based on a web of lies, for the sole purpose of profit at any cost. It is the military arm of ZOG. Kim Kardashian is a murder machine, fueled by the corporations who pimp her as an icon for successful existence. It’s a fitting irony that she has no talent at anything but this and that is enough for most.

Zionism is applied Satanism for social and political gain at the expense of EVERYONE else. The club of anti-Semitism designed by Theodor Hertzl for the purpose of a defense against all criticism and to be used at any time without reason or basis, is the chief weapon of Zionism. As you have heard them say, “it’s a trick, we always use it”. Given what we have seen and are presently being oppressed by, it stands to reason that anti-Semitism is a badge of honor in the awareness of a clear and present danger that has been with us for a long, long time. The Apocalypse is making this more widely known and at some point it will combust, to the enduring dismay of those who thought they could always count of murder and lies to achieve their ends.

What happens abroad and what is being planned for the populations in the home countries, is made possible by the murder of awareness at the hands of the ones who pervert our values and aspirations. This is the purpose of reality TV shows; to murder human dignity and reduce humanities perception of itself to the level of an ignorant beast. This is the purpose of those in the headlines in every area of endeavor. They work for ZATO and ZOG. You can find it hard to believe and you may be unwilling to believe it and you may be outraged that anyone would besmirch your obsession with the thousand forms of shit that you desire more than life itself because…that is the price of the possession of and obsession with them. That is the price.

What is happening in Libya, will be happening somewhere else tomorrow and eventually it will be happening in your neighborhood because you didn’t care when it was happening to someone else and even supported it, if it meant you could have your share and get your fill of as many of the thousand forms of shit that is possible for you. Bon voyage, as you sail away in the burning dumpsters of flaming shit. There are handkerchiefs waving from the shore, as you sail off into the darkness of the sea of ignominy.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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