The Monkey Mind and the Dog of Desire

Visible Origami – August 19, 2011

Clarity out of confusion or, so we hope.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We’re all hounded by the Dog of Desire and the Monkey Mind. The Dog of Desire is endlessly afoot sniffing out all of the gray and unexplored or often explored locations he’s never been or forgotten he’s been. The Monkey Mind likes to chatter and throw shit; figuratively and literally. Nearly all of the world that we can perceive is a manifestation of some activity by the Dog of Desire or the Monkey Mind, singly and in tandem. There are other creatures about, in less primary roles but let us also mention the main creature, less easily seen than the other two and that is the radiant serpent, who is the essential force of the manifesting and contemplative god in two states of being. You can encounter this serpent moving in the grass or, ideally, raised in a hood above your head or the head of one you would be most fortunate to encounter. I’ve experienced the latter and am in pursuit of the former. Most folks aren’t engaged in either, because this is Kali Yuga and they want things and beings they can touch and possess and control. That’s just how it is until the radiant serpent sets into action as any of all of the forces it is the source of, directly or indirectly.

Purists and pundits may quibble about my presentation here on minor points but argument and the vanity of precision is their general state and I couldn’t hope to please them so long as they remain purists and pundits by definition.

One of the reasons for the appearance of Jesus Christ and Mohammed at their particular times has to do with Kali Yuga and the state of conditions in the period. Both of these religions accentuate service, surrender and devotion. These are the only sure and certain processes in these dark times and they are often overlooked, given that many of us are fascinated by knowledge and the possibilities of personal will, these things will and do fail in times like these and lead to the inevitable lessons that attend them.

There’s a particular irony that concerns the presence of the serpent and its association with evil and The Devil but that’s all a blind and is also tied in with our screwed up understanding of the sexual force. I am often amused when people mention Tantra, as if they have some familiarity with the subject. This is by far the most difficult yoga of them all and is impossible without the guiding services of a bonafide teacher. Generalized Tantra is a possibility but not the profound intricacies of all of the differently colored and various lengths of the breath, not to mention a whole warehouse of other things. I’ve looked into this as well as its western correlative, The Alchemical Marriage. Both of these are accomplished by the cosmic practitioner within us because it is impossible for anyone else. If your nature and destiny are geared in this direction, or any direction, it will come about at some point.

There’s a reference in The Bible that states we are seen coming from a long way off and it has a companion phrase in the Eastern teachings that states, “When the pupil is ready the master is waiting”. This implies that we are watched and we certainly are; every single thought, word and deed is observed and recorded by agents of the divine, who exist for this purpose. The whole thing is solid and precise beyond the perception of the human mind and it always has been. In times of relative harmony we take this for granted, even if we’ve never actually considered it. In times of disharmony, it’s the first thing that goes from our thoughts. We immediately assume it is out of control but it never is. We’re not very stable, not in times of harmony and certainly not in times of disharmony but then… we wouldn’t be thrown off balance if we were.

The 14th trump in The Tarot is called “Temperance”. It’s a symbol of the process by which The Great Work is accomplished and what is also called The Operation of the Sun, as well as an indicator about the possession and construction of The Pearl of Great Price and The Philosopher’s Stone. Its quality is defined as ‘wrath’ and that’s an interesting idea for the descent of the one force through us, for the purpose of testing and tempering. You’ve got a lion on one side and an eagle on the other that might have formerly been a scorpion. These are representative of two areas of our nature and you can guess why wrath is associated, when you consider the effect of the cosmic transformative force upon our associations and identifications with these areas. The timeless process symbolized by the angel is accomplished by the angel alone and not by us and if you don’t get that then you don’t get it. This is also what is being stated by The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus concerning The Operation of the Sun.

Whether one thinks of themselves as an aspirant; a magician, a seeker, a slave of God, a friend of God (that needs to be conferred actually) or any of the terms one might be likely to use, there is a scenario that gets acted out in a series of checks, balances and permissions to see where you’re at. So long as surrender, devotion and authentic service are in operation, all is well and good. As soon as they are not, one of two things can happen. You are blocked, or the way is opened toward whatever folly is under consideration. This is how people rise to the top of the pyramid of human expression in the temporal realm. They’re not brought there as any kind of a favor or due to competency, as we can easily see in their behaviors of the moment. They’re brought there to make a lesson out of them. I’ve said this many times and it is no less true for the repetition of it.

If it seems sometimes that you are encountering nothing but treachery and hard luck, you are actually in luck. The reality of things is quite often the opposite of the appearance of things. A few years ago, a specific hard drive on my computer made all of its files disappear. That is where I had my musical files and they represented a lot of time and hard work. I was a little upset about it at the time. It happened while someone was working on my computer and supposed to be fixing it. I took my new computer in a couple of weeks ago to get it fixed, when some unknown problem appeared and, once again, the one drive on the computer that contained all of the musical files that has been generated since the time of the last incident, also disappeared the files. I just shrugged and said, “Oh well, never mind”. That’s an improvement. Quite a few things have happened to me lately that have put me into a similar position and my reaction has been the same. I understand that there’s nothing I can do about any of it and that’s a big improvement.

For any number of years, I have recognized the hand of God in my life, yet, even while recognizing it, I didn’t always approve of it, as if I had a clue about how things should be. That’s why the quality of that card is ‘wrath’ and for various reasons. Now, most of the time, if something happens or doesn’t happen; I can still see the hand of God in it but I’m okay with whatever it is, even when lost standing patterns of rebellion seek to compromise me and the issue at hand.

I can’t imagine any personal liability being greater than the possession of the idea that we know. We don’t know. We just think we do and everything we see and do is colored by that. We may move around all over the place in this state but we’re not going anywhere until we lose it. It’s tied into regenerated innocence and it’s also connected to that serpent I mentioned. That’s tied in to wisdom and understanding which are two of the greatest possessions one can acquire. Love, of course, is the chief of them all and wisdom and understanding are primary, high end, expressions of it.

The idea of Love can be very confusing because we are confused and think we know what it is. Our idea of knowing is an insurmountable barrier to our capacity to grasp what Love is. No one has ever plumbed or perceived the extent of Love and no one ever will. The purpose of existence is to teach us; so far as we are capable, what Love is by showing us what Love is not. We are all expressions of the one, sent forth in search of experience, for the purpose of becoming self aware and recognizing the presence of the indwelling, which sent us forth in the first place. There’s no other purpose to life but you can see what people get up to under what they imagine is their own power. Pain is the constant reminder of the state of separation and all that attends it. All our pain and distress of any kind is a significator for the absence of Love, which can also be called The Presence of God.

People claim that they want to discover and experience God and The Truth, until they see what the cost is. Then they come to some arrangement with themselves for a facsimile. You get what you pay for. If you want the real thing, it costs everything but… everything is nothing of value. It just appears to be because of the appetites of The Dog of Desire and the constructs of the Money Mind.

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