Voice of the White House May 21, 2005

“I am having a good deal of fun reading some of the blogs concerning myself. About half accept what I have to say and the other half believes I do not exist, mostly because they want someone to pay attention to them. I have had a number of security people here in the Fag Palace mention me to myself because they are tasked with finding me. There are two such seekers who are genuinely furious with the leaks at top levels but the others secretly enjoy my activities.

There have always been gays in the White House, especially during the Reagan years. The Blodgett case is one I recall. He was a little, hyper blonde with serious emotional problems who got so randy he was booted out and sent over to the RNC. He proved to be so active there that they got rid of him and he promptly opened a male whorehouse over at the Kenendy-Warren. Eventually, he got so bad they threw him out of his club and town. He and von Kloberg were both devoted Republicans and both gay as hell.

There is something about the arch conservative agenda that draws certain types of gays like moths to a flame. There were a number in the Clinton White House but they were just in it for the sex. The Republican gays love the thought of Imperial Power, men in tight-fitting uniforms strutting about and the secret thoughts of being raped by the Bulldog and getting to spank people.

Amazingly, many fanatic Christians are stone perverts and anything goes with them. Whipping your ten year old daughter’s ass with a belt, dressing up in women’s clothes and cruising Lafayette Park looking for randy sailors and so on. The Democrats are intellectually fuzzy but the Republicans are much more prone to savagery and perverse behavior. I saw an article on the web that said the White House was run by a gang of perverts. It certainly is.

The straight staffers are well aware of the Bulldog wandering around here all night and you must understand that there is so much security in this place that unless he was in a secure place, like the Oval Office bedroom or some other off-limits place, he would be noticed, interrogated and made to leave. There are so many security cameras, alarmed doors and guards that if Gannon were here overnight, he would be seen and asked to get out. He had no legitimate business in here after normal hours and everyone on the staff is well aware of it. No one wants to talk about it except for some of the earthier Marine guards and they are very careful to whom they speak. Bush is a nasty, vindictive man and if one of their ranks was caught talking out of school, Bush would want him publicly whipped and drummed out of the Marine Corps. Also, I am positive that Bush knows nothing of these discussions of his relationship with Gannon.

His staff is terrified of his screaming temper tantrums so they try to keep him pacified with plenty of sycophantic babblings. Bush does not want to see or hear anything negative towards him and his ego is so weak that if he does, he has tiny little breaksdowns and shrieks at his staff and the security people. No one is allowed to hold up a sign anti-Bush anywhere the Fag Palace under threat of instant arrest and removal. His visits to places outside the White House are rigidly supervised and sanitized so that Bush sees only paid professionals cheering him and waving signs painted up on the taxpayers time, proclaiming how wonderful he is. Bush actually believes this shit and no one dares to enlighten him. In any case, he doesn’t want to be enlightened.

Mail here is beginning to run strongly against him and I am told that serious threats against his life have multiplied tremendously. Naturally, none of this wicked negativity every gets into the papers and none of it ever will. Let’s see, we have mentioned Fat Karl the Eunuch, the head of the GOP, the President and the Bulldog. I sent you a file of nude and provocative pictures of a once-powerful Senator and next time we can discuss another powerful White House insider. They know the tapes are out there and being listened to. Conversations between Gannon and the beloved President whilst engaged in hiding the salami are priceless what with all the gruntings, shrill cries of pain and the sound of ripping cloth mixed with the famous Bush mumbled malapropisms and Gannon roaring, “Shut up, bitch, and don’t bite me!”

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