When the Musics over it Turns into Shit

Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 17, 2011

An introductory disclaimer; I realize that this posting may not sit well with everyone but I suspect that’s true of all of my work. Once I left Woodstock, NY for a few years and during that time a friend of mine rose to a certain prominence in the town and as a result he knew a lot of people. He was good friend and I let him know I was coming back and he went around and announced it to a lot of people. After I arrived, he said to me, “Wow! I never knew… people either really, really like you or they really, really don’t like you”. He asked the people who didn’t like me why that was and they really didn’t know except to say occasionally, “It’s those things that he says”. I’d had this long running TV show in the town and in NYC too and I was a little more radical than I am now but I was younger too and that was also the format; socio-political commentary of a comedic and satirical bent. You’ll see some examples shortly, since I’m going to put a number of them online. Anyway, though you may be fans of the medium I will be trashing, I hope you will see beyond that to the possibility of the connections I will try to make.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

In the course of my travels I came across this and this too. We well know that the Synagogue of Satan controls the music industry and we can speculate that the word is out among all of the entertainers ‘allowed’ to be in the business, not to comment on wars and anything else that the ones running things don’t want them commenting on. One can also assume that those entertainers permitted to be heard and known, are selected for the qualities of self-interest, banality and a propensity for the enjoyment of dark shit. The majority of them are sell-outs in every sense of the word and that makes them whores for the money and the lifestyle.

Hip Hop and Rap are basically a black thang with a lot of white wannabes and acolytes of many colors who like that machismo, ‘bitches and ho’s and bling’ construct and the celebration of guns and murder as a rite of passage into manhood, without actually reaching it. On the female end, it’s either banality or slutwork and that’s now celebrated in gatherings and demonstrations in defense of sluthood. This is primarily because materialism debases the feminine principle, while also seeking to inject it sexually into the male population for the performance of it. Once again, one can look at the listing of the members of The Tribe, who control every gay organization and sometimes are exclusively on the boards of directors. I’m not seeking to diminish anyone who has particular attractions. We all go through this at some point, just as we are all born of every color and religion, so that we can see that the one is unimportant and that the other is the same thing, peddling a different suit of clothes. I’m talking about ‘programmed agendas’ and all you have to do is look at the MSM on any given day and you will see this cause highlighted, as if it were more important than wars, poverty, famine or anything else you can bring up.

Now they have taken this skewered putsch of multiculturalism and enforced sexual politicization and injected it into the minds of people like that fellow from Norway, convincing him that it’s the product of Muslims and other targeted groups, when in fact it is almost totally promoted by the Zionist chosen people agenda that he killed all those people in the defense of. They need to put ‘clueless and stupid’ on his headstone because apparently he was to dumb to catch on to it.

One can go back to the slave trade into the new world and see the stamp of The Tribe, named in the captain’s logs of the day. There’s a video out on it too. You may not care for the man who did it but that’s not the point. The point is, is it true? This brings me to the involvement of The Tribe in the black neighborhoods for decades as slum lords and pawn shop operators and in the theft of profits and copyrights of black musicians. Asians have now moved into certain areas of commercial operation that were once the exclusive province of The Tribe but then they’ve moved up into more global efforts of world enslavement. I mention this because it would be a good thing if black artists were a little more familiar with what’s been happening to them. There’s only Farrakhan who makes it public and we know how he’s perceived for his truthfulness.

I’m on record any number of times for not damning a whole race (if race it is) for the profligate activities of some, much to the chagrin of those who jump on my case for not doing so but my research and experience have proven certain things to me and that’s just how it is. That won’t spare me anything but that’s not what I’m about. If something is true, then it’s true and all I ask is that any and all prove it otherwise rather than resort to ad hominems in lieu of argument but… they don’t have a defensible argument, do they?

Anyone, who by this time, does not know that Israel and those intelligence services that they corrupted over time were behind 9/11 is a fool or a coward. Anyone who prefers a lie because they think their survival is based on it is also a fool and a coward and deserves being proven otherwise. The list of offenses committed against the global community by Israel and their central bankers is immense and impressive and it’s been going on for a long time and the founding of Israel was for no other reason than to give a sovereign legitimacy to a world wide crime organization.

The control of the media grants control of the culture. The control of the money flow grants control of society and nations and is the breeding ground for all wars for profit by those controlling these functions. The control of the art world grants a further control over the lives of the peoples of the world and it also controls the messages in the music and the lifestyles that adapt out of it.

One of the greatest ironies is that the world’s biggest group of blockheads, the fundamentalist Christian, is the reservoir for canon fodder for wars against themselves and any enemy defined by those who perverted their scriptures to accomplish this. If there’s a poster boy for bone dead stupid it is them. They can’t be reasoned with under any circumstances. They are brain dead zombies who march into spiritual corruption and war, to the music of Hell, constructed by those who seek to destroy them and who attack their symbols and lives relentlessly each day and which is patently obvious. Neither their god nor their Jesus actually ever existed except as a mask for the evil one who operates through their religion, with ongoing amusement at their incredible blindness to what should be obvious and is not, at least to them.

I can’t stand Rap or Hip Hop and I leave the area if I hear it. I’m not fond of a number of things and these are two of them. You might like these things and that doesn’t mean anything to me. Each of us has the freedom of choice to enjoy what we enjoy until we don’t anymore and that’s how I see it. I’m just stating a personal preference. All art comes out of the sexual force at some level of sublimation. In a time of materialism it is an in your face dynamic of intensifying perversity until whenever it reaches its limit or the natural and supernatural forces that be have had enough of it.

To understand anything in this world, all one has to do is study the sex force and how it differs from culture to culture and religion to religion in the practice and suppression of it. In some rare instances channeling applies but that would be an anomaly. Present day cultures under the darkness of materialism promote license as freedom and one is encouraged to exhaust and destroy themselves under the banner of their right to express themselves by wasting their forces in the service of that which consumes them in their weakness.

You can look at contemporary diet; education, interests and entertainments, or any example and see what’s taking place and you can even see what the inescapable result of the various practices and performances of all of it will lead to. These cultures and nations cannot endure given the direction they are headed in. You are looking at the death throes of millions and the death rattle is the music and also the approved soundtrack for what is taking place. You are literally dancing to the beat of your own destruction. You can tell me it’s not that bad and you can tell me it’s not that way but rather than tell me anything, take off you blinders and take a good look and pull together all of the seemingly disparate things which are and observe the whole cloth of which it is collectively woven.

We are all either involved in what is destroying us or engaged in preparation for what will replace what cannot continue under any circumstances. To paraphrase an immortal quote, the proper and essentially important, primary study is humanity is our self.

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