Voice of the White House May 19, 2005

“I don’t know if the sudden release of outrageous stories of torture, rape and murder by US soldiers practiced against Muslims is an item unto itself or a frantic attempt to deflect public interest in the rampant homosexuality in top Republican circles. I personally do not know what is more repulsive, terrible stories about officially sanctioned murder and torture of prisoners or powerful White House staffers swishing around the People’s House, kissing each other in dark corners or plotting to have a rendezvous with a muscled Marine in a downtown hotel. They are both symptomatic of the moral cesspool that Bush’s handlers have dragged the rest of us into.

Remember that I told you that the grenade thrown in Georgia at our Beloved Leader was not a dud and only fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, was defective. Although, as usual, Bush was hiding behind a bullet-proof screen, if it had exploded, and Bush had survived, he would have had to stand on a box like Bob Reich when he wanted to deliver a speech. My God, these people lie about everything and anything. If they ever told the truth and stopped trying to corrupt (read “spin “ here) any kind of negative news, God would blow the Fag Palace up with a bolt of lightening and we would all be toast. The Bush people were trying to instigate the Columbian government into launching destructive commando raids into Venezuela and attack the oil platforms there but it fizzled. Too little and too late as usual. Bush wants to overthrow Chavez and having had successes in Georgia and the Ukraine, his dim brain felt he could get away with it in Venezuela as well. They are badly off about the growing instability in Mexico and someone told me that the mayor Mexico City, chief rival and probable successor to the US’s paid man, Fox, is on the snuff list. As Joe Stalin said, and Karl Rove a week ago, “No man…no problem.”

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